Belinda Beresford

Belinda Beresford

    Riddles of race

    Being the white mother of a black child has been a salutary lesson in race awareness for Belinda Beresford.

    'He owns me -- he paid for me'

    Lebo Ramafoko of Soul City has been enduring years of abuse from an ex-partner. She has decided to 'walk the talk' and be open about her experiences.

    A lethal cocktail

    Asymptomatic patients and poor sanitary conditions increase the risk of cholera spreading beyond Zimbabwe, writes Belinda Beresford

    On the way down

    The tie between health and wealth has held true for most of the world, and for as long as there appear to have been economists to notice it.

    A healthier future

    Rarely in South Africa can a minister have come to power carrying such a weight of expectation as Barbara Hogan.

    A steady erosion

    HIV is thought to have a kill rate of close to 100%, higher than even the notorious haemorrhagic diseases such as Ebola.

    SA goes large

    Almost half of SA's adults are too fat. The health risks are huge: heart-related illness, often triggered by obesity, is the second-biggest killer.

    Hunting Virus X

    There are no conclusive answers about the cause of three deaths in Johannesburg, thought to have been haemorrhagic fever.