Mail & Guardian Reporters

Mail & Guardian Reporters

    The Nkandla special report

    From the start, the details of spending on Jacob Zuma's Nkandla security upgrade has gripped the nation. Find out more in this special report.

    SA's Parliament of paranoia

    Explanations for the State of the Nation 2015 security drama of jammed cellphone signals came thick and fast, but few held any water.

    Manuel's resignation sows chaos

    The resignation of Trevor Manuel -- alongside 13 senior Cabinet ministers -- has caused confusion and volatility in the country's financial markets.

    Another night of terror in Gauteng

    Thousands of refugees in and around Johannesburg faced another night filled with anxiety on Tuesday evening as xenophobic tensions and violence continued to spread through the province. The violence has so far claimed 24 lives and left up to 10 000 people seeking refuge in shelters across Gauteng.

    Ghana braces for elections race

    Ghana's two largest political parties have vowed to battle it out for the December 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections. Ghana News Agency reported that the ruling New Patriotic Party and the opposition National Democratic Party (NDC) had promised a "tough showdown" for the vote in the country's eastern region.