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Start recycling, or we’re in trouble

Gauteng’s landfills are due to reach capacity in less than 10 years. To avoid this, everyone needs to get on board with recycling. Will you?

Celebrations following US gay marriage ruling

Friday’s landmark Supreme Court decision legalising same-sex marriage in all 50 American states is an outcome few thought possible just years ago.

Marikana report: Families left in the dark

The M&G visited Marikana where families of the slain miners scrambled at the last minute to hear Zuma’s report into the death of their loved ones.

South Africans continue to get humped and Zuma's new mall

In this week's episode we look at Eskom’s latest tariff hike; the president announces plans for a new mall and the Charleston shooter is forgiven.

The Roof is on fire

Rub-a-dub-dub Dylan Roof, Dan Roodt and Steve Hofmeyr in a tub...

Russian authorities target Muslim group in Dagestan unjustly

An HRW report finds Russian authorities treat adherents of Salafism, a form of Sunni Islam, as criminal suspects despite the absence of any grounds.


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