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Sondela residents divided on landfill closure

There would be nothing wrong with this if it wasn’t in the middle of a township that despises the odours, the workers and the system itself.

Pimples: Ball-busting Mbalula

Like a ball-stealing playground bully, minister of sport and selfies Fikile Mbalula won't let our sports associations have any fun.

Our Constitution has been overthrown - Lekota

The people’s assembly staged a picket outside the Gauteng Legislature on Freedom Day with many in attendance calling for President JZ to step down.

Gupta workers plead for their jobs

Employees of Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments marched to major banks on Tuesday to demand that the company's accounts be reopened.

DA manifesto launch - a battle for the metros

The DA launched its manifesto on Saturday, where the party promised to move the country forward. M&G Photographer Troy Enekvist captured these images.

Praising Prince with purple and the matadors of Spain - the world in pictures

The M&G's photo editor selects this week's top photos from around the world - from major news events to eye-catching feature images.

Migrants seeking new routes into Europe

As Balkan borders shut on Refugees, new routes are being sought into mainland Europe.


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