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Oscar Pistorius's dream night

Unfortunately for the Blade Runner, nights can be longer than expected.

This is who we are

We tell the stories of how we began and recount our achievements but sometimes we fall short of that legacy. Who are we and where do we want to go?

Understanding the prevalence of rape in Diepsloot

The M&G's Mia Malan spent a week in Diepsloot and spoke to rape victims, parents and councillors to understand the high rate of rape in the township.

Crime, corruption and sexual orientation?

This week we take a look at the crime stats, the corrupt take a stand against the corrupt and just so you know, we are not gays!

Kenya and the tradition of homophobic violence

For many LGBT people in Kenya, safety is a daily concern and the limited response by authorities means violence continues with impunity.

What do the Springboks mean to you?

The Mail & Guardian spoke to Jo'burg residents about transformation in the Springboks team, and what their emblem represents in the new South Africa.


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