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Weekend 101: ANC and EFF at it again … So what if our planet is dying?

The country’s leaders continue to bicker over overalls - but what does it matter when the planet is dying?

It’s not that simple Mr Makhura

We visit areas of Soweto affected by recent unrest to investigate whether it stemmed from xenophobic sentiment or random acts of criminality.

Helen Zille: from the arcane to the arcade

The premier of the Western Cape is cleaning up the streets and taking only black prisoners. Her motive? She wants more tokens. Insert coin.

‘Margaret Thatcher was no friend of apartheid'

Former British ambassador to SA in the late 1980s, Lord Robin Renwick, discusses the role the former British prime minister played to end apartheid.

An interview with Lord Robin Renwick

Margaret Thatcher deplored apartheid - and FW de Klerk deserved the praise he was awarded - says the former British ambassador during an interview.

Extraordinary life: Elon Musk

The brain behind SpaceX and Tesla Motors, South African-born entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk is one of the world's most powerful people.


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