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After Nepal’s quake: A South African story

Klasie Wessels arrived in Nepal 10 minutes before the earthquake on April 25 and then led a SA tour group to Everest base camp, just days later.

Voices from the camps: Amuri Djuma

During the xenophobic attacks in Durban, Amuri Djuma's shop was looted and 80% of his goods was stolen. He still hopes to rebuild his life in SA.

Voices from the camps: Dolly and Gloria

Nine-year-old Dolly, staying in a temporary camp, doesn't understand xenophobia – but like hundreds of children, she bears the brunt all the same.

Is intelligence skin deep?

In the last decade there's been a revival of the idea that intelligence is influenced by racial origin.

Zuma's spy game

The illusive spy tapes. Music to the NPA’s ears… or not.

Does the Namib desert hold secrets to life on other planets?

Researchers are looking at organisms thriving in the extreme environment of the Namib to predict what kind of life we could find on other planets.


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