Underground Library: 'Better than school'

The project is helping children improve their literacy through play, music and drama and a child with a learning disability has benefited already.

Xenophobic violence continues unabated in Durban

As xenophobic violence spreads through Durban, scenes of angry mobs, violent clashes, burnt shops and displaced foreign nationals harks back to 2008's tumult.

Zille drags Zuma out of the dumps

Bogged down with problems, one would think Jacob Zuma had no reason to celebrate his birthday.

Peter Makurube: An icon, a pioneer

A memorial service was held in honour of the late Peter Makurube at the Baseline in Newtown on Monday

The journey of curating African ideas

TEDXEuston is a platform for Africans to tell their stories. Chikwe Ihekweazu talks about the history of TedxEuston and the reasons for its success.

Square Kilometer Array: The art of science

The SKA project will allow astronomers to monitor the sky in more detail, and survey the sky thousands of times faster than any system in existence.