Drought, global protests and Islamic State - the world in pictures

The M&G's photo editor selects this week's top photos from around the world – from major news events to eye-catching feature images.

The real believers: Vote for the ACDP, we need 'the God factor' in government

M&G joined ACDP volunteer Gladys Modise on a door-to-door campaign in Thokoza to drum up votes for the party ahead of the local government elections.

Catch me if you can, starring Super Pravin

They’re trying, but even the best in the game can't seem to nab the slippery Gordhan.

Zuma vs ANC top leaders

M&G reporter Govan Whittles looks at the growing tensions between Jacob Zuma and the ANC's top brass.

Theatre of the mind: Roger Ballen's psychological thriller

Photographer Roger Ballen explores the fine line between sanity and insanity, dream and reality through the dungeons of a former asylum.

The real believers: The DA only needs five years to make a real difference

Democratic Alliance volunteer Matlala Mabalane believes that all the DA needs is five years to bring about meaningful change to South Africa.