SA resident protects foreign nationals in Germiston

A South African businessman in Marathon, Germiston is taking the protection of foreign nationals from xenophobic attacks into his own hands.

After Nepal’s quake: A South African story

Klasie Wessels arrived in Nepal 10 minutes before the earthquakeon April 25 and then led a South African tour group to Everest base camp, just days later.

Voices from the camps: Amuri Djuma

During the xenophobic attacks in Durban, Amuri Djuma's shop was looted and 80% of his goods was stolen. He still hopes to rebuild his life in SA.

Voices from the camps: Dolly and Gloria

Nine-year-old Dolly, staying in a temporary camp, doesn't understand xenophobia – but like hundreds of children, she bears the brunt all the same.

Is intelligence skin deep?

In the last decade there's been a revival of the idea that intelligence is influenced by racial origin.

Voices from the Camps: Elvira

MSF video series - Elvira.