Mandela and Zuma: Mind the gap

Pimples is not saying the legacies of Madiba and Jacob Zuma are vastly different. We're saying there's a gaping hole big enough to park Nkandla in.

AWOL president

When Parliament is at war and politicians are getting snotklapped, who do we call to lead us out of this Eskom-inspired darkness? Hint: Not Jacob Zuma.

Parliament's Zen warriors

In the house of tit-for-tat, there's yin and there's yang, good versus evil. Whatever your preference, it's a riot – just ask the cops.

Pimples: ALWAYS judge a book by its cover

Which is faster: an Oscar Pistorius book or the blade runner himself? In the race to the shelves, who's the biggest loser?

Pimples: The ANC is broke(n)

The ruling party is in the red - no lay byes, no credit, no nothing. At least one member is not feeling the pinch. Must. Be. Nice.

Pimples: SA’s series of unfortunate events

?There is some real *facepalm* stuff in the news at the moment – from Steve’s apartheid comments to fake medals and cancelled overseas trips.