Blade, Malema and Zille: Politicians put out fires

This week in Pimples, politicians extinguish some of the country's problems. But do they really?

Zuma: A spy among men

He laughs. No, he doesn’t. How the SABC is wired to take orders from Agent Z.

Jacob Zuma: Potting, not plotting?

Rumours are rife that the president's wife tried to poison him, but Pimples has the insider info

The bubble presidency

President Zuma is a man of the people – connected to our needs and desires. He’s a man for the crisis.

A load-shedding thriller for Zille

Zuma and his zombies are tampering with the electricity while Helen Zille finds herself in the dark.

Zapped: World War Zuma

In honour of cartoonist Zapiro’s 21 years at the M&G, Pimples pays tribute to the only man who can make Jacob Zuma quake.