Defending the horn

Special Report

Defending the horn

Follow the Mail & Guardian's coverage of the battle against rhino poaching.


Rhino poaching: Dye and let live

Attempts have been made to deter rhino poachers. But the consumers of the horn must also be targeted because they are the ones driving demand.

Rhino poaching: Reserves must up game

Andrew Parker's point about inertia in the conservation industry is exacerbated by the fatigue and ­frustration associated with academic debate.


Rhino poaching: After the killing

Three rhinos were poached during our recent visit to a rhino farm. Is trading their horns the only way to save them? WARNING: contains graphic images.


Inside a 'legal' hunt

Disturbing video footage of a so-called 'legal' rhino trophy hunt, carried out at the behest of an international wildlife trafficking syndicate.


Saving rhino, one calf at a time

The world's first dedicated rhino orphanage - based in Limpopo - gave the M&G a look into what it takes to raise an orphaned rhino calf.


Rhino Wars: Defending the horn

The M&G heads into the bush with a covert anti-poaching unit, battling the scourge of rhino poaching in private reserves in South Africa.