God in Africa

Special Report

God in Africa

In the Mail & Guardian's annual bumper religion edition we're seeking out God in Africa.


Preaching the gospel of bling

Zimbabwe's new prophets are packing large arenas with promises of riches and redemption and, boy, are they bringing in the cash.

Boko Haram: Killing in God's name

The Islamist group may have jihadist overtones, but its rise and power lies in Nigeria's failure to deliver to its citizens adequately.

Suffer the little children

Humanist Leo Igwe has taken on popular pastor Helen Ukpabio over the hunting of "child witches" in Nigeria.


The parable of two churches

The Dutch Reformed Church officially lost 20 000 members last year but the real numbers are likely to be much higher.


God doesn't visit here no more

Bongani Madondo reads from his piece for the God edition: on his love affair with God which ended when faced with the realities of the dark continent.