Zimbabwe elections 2013

Special Report

Zimbabwe elections 2013

Zimbabwe has a few parties' leaders gunning for its presidency, but the focus will be on Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai's third election battle.


MDC considers a govt boycott

The party is mulling over disengaging from President Robert Mugabe's government in the hope it will push him to negotiate.

How Zanu-PF won Harare from MDC

Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF used the people's hunger for land to win support in key constituencies formerly held by the opposition MDC.


Zimbabwe election intimidation by Zanu-PF

'You say Zanu-PF kills? It doesn't. It destroys' - video of intimidation, and testimonies of threats and beatings.


Pimples: Tsvangirai vs Mugabe – there can be only one

Zimbabwe's future is in the hands of two fine human specimens: 'Greased Lightning' Tsvangirai and 'Bullet-for-your-vote' Mugabe. Good luck with that.


Zimbabwe elections: The countdown ends

Zimbabwe's election is a day away – a poll marred by allegations of fraud, chaotic early polling, and lopsided coverage in state media.