?SA, Mozambique sign deal to fight rhino poaching

South Africa has signed an anti-poaching agreement with neighbouring Mozambique, a major transit route for rhino horn trafficked to Asia.


Chimp Eden: A refuge for chimps

Chimpanzees face extinction in the next 10 years. But the Jane Goodall Chimp Eden in Nelspruit, home to 34 rescued chimps, is hoping for change.


Armed and ready to fight poaching

Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West has gone from suffering rhino poachings every week to having none in the last three months. Here's how.


Lukewarm response to solar geysers

Solar geysers are unreliable and are not helping to curb SA's energy problem. Why is the innovative technology not working the way it should?


Rhino poaching: After the killing

Three rhinos were poached during our recent visit to a rhino farm. Is trading their horns the only way to save them? WARNING: contains graphic images.


No time for change in a warming world

North America's first climate refugees and threatened polar bears are the result of carbon dioxide levels at its highest in two-million years.

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