Malaysia plane crash: France threatens Russia with 'consequences'

​France has warned Russia that there would be


Violence and retribution escalates in Gaza

Violence has escalated in the Gaza Strip over the past week, with nearly 200 reported dead. We take a look at the timeline of events.


Syria: Armed groups send children into battle

Human Rights Watch has revealed how armed groups in Syria have used children as young as 15 to fight in battles, which violates international law.


Child workers in danger on US tobacco farms

HRW documents the shocking conditions on tobacco farms in the US, where child workers are exposed to nicotine, toxic pesticides and other dangers.


India: Gang rape of girls puts spotlight on sexual violence

The rape and murder of two teenage girls, found hanging from a mango tree, has sparked outrage among activists and the international community.


Syria: The carnage continues

The Syrian government is crushing rebel fighters and human rights organisations have evidence it is still using chemical weapons on its people.


Indian schoolchild: They say we're dirty

A Human Rights Watch report has revealed how school authorities in India persistently discriminate against children from marginalised communities.


Southern Iraq: Let the water flow

We visited one of the world's most water-stricken areas, where the extraordinary Marsh Arabs are restoring the waterways that Saddam Hussein blocked.

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