Defending the horn

Special Report

Defending the horn

Follow the M&G's coverage of the battle against rhino poaching, the legalising trade debate and all things rhino-related


At what cost are we saving the rhino?

Conservation of celebrity animals draws resources away from ensuring the survival of other less sexy species threatened by habitat loss and trade.

Rhino poaching in South Africa is at record levels. A total of 1 215 rhinos were killed in 2014, having escalated over the last six years - 448 rhinos were poached in 2011. All five remaining rhino species are listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red list of threatened species.


Rhino poaching: Going straight to the source

The Wilderness Foundation's rhino horn demand reduction campaign brought 22 Vietnamese students to experience the SA wild and workshop campaign ideas.


Rhino poaching: After the killing

Three rhinos were poached during our recent visit to a rhino farm. Is trading their horns the only way to save them? WARNING: contains graphic images.


Rhino Wars: Defending the horn

The M&G heads into the bush with a covert anti-poaching unit, battling the scourge of rhino poaching in private reserves in South Africa.


Saving rhino, one calf at a time

The world's first dedicated rhino orphanage - based in Limpopo - gave the M&G a look into what it takes to raise an orphaned rhino calf.