Innovations October 2009

Innovations October 2009


The root of food security

Professor Chrissie Rey heads a Thrip-funded research project aimed at putting cassava on the map as Africa's leading subsistence and commercial crop.

Absolutely Fabi-lous

The Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute is in war mode defending indigenous forests, writes Sharon van Wyk.

You are what you eat ...

Dr Niall Vine and his team are developing methods to mass produce the probiotics diet supplement that improves the perlemoen's immune system.

Fighting the deadly duo

Dr Thavi Govender and his team of researchers are investigating the synthesis and testing of inhibitors targeting HIV/Aids and XDR-TB.

Putting the wattle to work

Although the tannin produced from wattle bark isn't perfect, there are ways to make it ecofriendly, writes Sharon van Wyk.

Where industry meets academia

Sharon van Wyk looks at why Thrip, a research and development programme, ensures the growth of scientific development in the country.

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