Media under fire

Special Report

Media under fire

The passing of the Protection of State Information Bill came as no surprise, raising the threat to media freedom.


UN review lashes SA over secrecy Bill

South Africa found itself on the receiving end of significant international condemnation, during a UN review of its human rights record this week.

MPs' input on Secrecy Bill spurned

The state security department is standing firm on the public interest clause in the Protection of State Information Bill, writes Kwanele Sosibo.


Fighting the secrecy Bill

Civil organisations and the media took to the streets to decry the Protection of Information Bill, which the National Assembly voted in with 229 votes.


Media gathers on Black Tuesday

Demonstrators gathered outside Luthuli House in Johannesburg in protest of the proposed secrecy Bill on the day it comes up for voting in Parliament.


Keep the fires burning

The ANC has put the parliamentary vote on the secrecy Bill on hold, but this does not mean the fight to stop the legislation has been won.


Is media freedom under threat? (PART 3)

In the final part of our media freedom discussion, representatives from the media, the ANC and the DA argue the merits over the proposed media tribunal.
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