National Arts Festival 2010

Special Report

National Arts Festival 2010

The Grahamstown Festival is in full swing. The M&G, in association with Cue Online, brings you this special report.


A bounce for justice

The headscarf is unlikely to trump push-up bras and bling as the dress of choice for hip-hop girls courting fame.

A breed apart

Music, it is said, can calm the savage beast but in Ubom!'s latest production, Breed, it also incites killer instincts.

Kidult art will steal your heart

Not all of us know how to appreciate those delicately realistic portraits of the sun setting on the horizon, or mountains laced with snow.

The nub of the story

“What I need now is stories,” says Molloy, one of Samuel Beckett's complex creations in The Beckett Trilogy.

Going transcontinental

If you ask who is one of the kookiest musicians that South Africa has to offer, Carlo Mombelli springs to mind.

'My work has healed me'

For Dorothy Ann Gould, who performs in the production of Hello and Goodbye, the character of Hester is an old and much-loved friend.

A Homofabulous Show

Bruce Little, the creator and star of Little Poof! A Homofabulous Show, believes that art is a creative reflection of society.