The race issue

Special Report

The race issue

Everything you ever wanted to know about race but were too afraid to ask


The new currency

As blacks consolidated their political power after 1994, whites fortified their position in the economic sector.

Can't do without the racists

We need racists, or at the very least people who think in terms of race, because somebody has got to suffer, writes Chris Roper.

In black and white

Why are none of the ministers appointed to key economic portfolios in Zuma's Cabinet black? Julius Malema's question has caused a debate on race.

Still just another dorpie

A dejected mongrel slumps on the sunlit, polished stoep of a three-roomed RDP house in Tshing township, Ventersdorp.

Words don't come easy

Forget democracy and nonracialism. What we need is a whole new language, writes Andile Mngxitama.

Being black in the DA

Being a person of colour in the DA is not for sissies. Mandy Rossouw talks to some party members.

A whiter shade of pale

Humbling, enervating, mystifying -- race is a twisted choreographer that plays silent havoc with our days.

Smoke, Coke and mirrors

Here's my thing. Black South Africa and white South Africa remain just that -- two separate countries.

Maties' slow dance to integration

Nine years after graduating, I am back at Admin B, this time to meet Russel Botman, theologian, former UDF activist and Stellenbosch University's firs