Where is God?

Special Report

Where is God?

In a year of shaking earth and fiery revolution, we thought our annual edition on issues around religion should find out where He might be found.


The seven deadly sins in SA

There's a whole lot of sinning going on, especially in the political realm. Mandy Rossouw comments on who needs to repent.

The silence of sounds

Through graceful 13th-century parables, Zen Buddhism reveals its enlightened nature, writes Drew Forrest.

knock, knock, [email protected]

God may or may not be on the internet, but Jesus certainly is, writes Faranaaz Parker.

Of power, presidents and medicine men

The church marched ahead of colonialism, softening the souls for a rich harvest by empire, resulting in Christianity remaining the religion of choice.

Is God deaf?

"God uses his big celestial remote control to mute the prayers of black people," young black radical philosopher, Ncendisa Mpenymama, says.