Zapiro and the Prophet

Special Report

Zapiro and the Prophet

Cartoonist Zapiro's depiction of the Prophet Muhammad on May 21 2010 landed him and the M&G in hot water.


Why draw the Prophet?

From very early last Friday, the protests began rolling in. At the time of writing, my inbox alone has 79 complaints.

Zapiro's response

See cartoonist Zapiro response to the offence caused by his depiction of the Prophet Muhammad in a new cartoon, published in the M&G.

A not so simple twist of faith

I have been asked repeatedly over the past week "Why did you do it? Why run a cartoon that you knew would cause such profound anger?

Bigotry rides rampant

Bigotry is again riding rampant in reaction to last week's Zapiro cartoon in the Mail & Guardian, argues political analyst Terry Bell.

M&G meets with Muslim leaders

The M&G will refrain from publishing any images of the Prophet Muhammad while reviewing its editorial policy on religious matters.