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Obama looks to Russia for help on Iran

Staff Reporter

Media reports claim United States President Barack Obama sent a secret letter to Russia's Dmitry Medvedev seeking help to disarm Iran.

More honours for Thought Leader

Kyoko Hasegawa, Daniel Rook

Hot on the heels of winning blog of the year at the SA Blog Awards, the Mail & Guardian Online's Thought Leader has been named an "official honoree" by the Webby Awards, alongside blogs by CNN, CBS News, the New Yorker, CNBC, the New York Times, Time magazine and the Observer Media Group.

'In America we have failed'

Sam Sole, Matthew Burbidge

Sam Sole, the M&G's award-winning investigative reporter, and Matthew Burbidge, news editor of the M&G Online, interviewed Seymour Hersch, the original newsman, who says "The wonderful thing about our profession is if we do it right, stories are not Democrat or Republican, left or right, hawk or dove, pro or anti-government. Stories are stories, and they're just the truth."

Porn firm sells the Hendrix sex experience

Staff Reporter

The exploitation of the private lives of celebrities, even dead ones, by the United States entertainment industry is again under the spotlight after a Los Angeles company released a 45-minute video purporting to show a sexual encounter with Jimi Hendrix.

Microsoft to unveil traffic-jam beater

Staff Reporter

Microsoft plans on Thursday to unveil a web-based service for driving directions that uses sophisticated software to help its users avoid traffic jams, the New York Times reported. The software technology system, called Clearflow, will provide drivers with alternative information for routes that takes into account prevailing traffic patterns.

Murdoch tightens control of Journal

Staff Reporter

The former Times editor Robert Thomson was named managing editor of the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday night as Rupert Murdoch tightened control of the world's top selling business newspaper. Thomson's new role is the top editorial position at the Journal.

Investor may run Yahoo! proxy campaign

Dane Hamilton

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is considering mounting a proxy campaign to replace Yahoo! board members after the company failed to reach a deal to merge with Microsoft. The veteran investor has built up a stake in Yahoo! in the last week and would run a slate in an effort to force the company back to the negotiating table.

'Baddest man on the planet' reflects on life

Anushka Asthana

Mike Tyson, the self-professed "baddest man on the planet", who did not believe he would reach the age of 40, is still alive and says he has been clean from drugs and alcohol for 15 months. He has granted a powerful interview granted just before travelling to the Cannes film festival to promote a documentary about his life.

Watching athletes go cold turkey

Lawrence Donegan

If the death of a racehorse is a sad event, then the death of a racehorse on live television is an obvious starting point for national catharsis. So it has been in the United States in the past few days after the collapse and ultimate euthanasia of the filly Eight Belles at the end of last weekend's Kentucky Derby.

US mulls thousands more troops for Afghan war

Staff Reporter

The Pentagon is considering sending up to 7 000 more United States troops to Afghanistan next year to make up for a shortfall in contributions from Nato allies, the New York Times reported on Saturday. The paper said the push could drive US forces in Afghanistan to about 40 000.

Obama expects to clinch nomination next week

Deborah Charles

Senator Barack Obama said on Wednesday he expected to become the Democratic United States presidential nominee after next week and he is considering an overseas trip that may include Iraq. After a hard-fought primary season against rival Democrat Hillary Clinton, Obama said the general election race will begin in earnest next week.

Obama momentum builds in White House race

Jo Biddle

Barack Obama moved closer to sewing up the Democratic presidential nomination on Friday with more superdelegates rallying to his side, as rival Hillary Clinton fought on despite mounting odds against her. Clinton has vowed no surrender and plunged straight back into campaigning before the May 13 primary in West Virginia.

Fatigue, racism threaten to knock Obama

Staff Reporter

Barack Obama was showing signs of campaign fatigue. Sitting on a picnic bench in a park on Pagoda Street, Indianapolis, in discussion with a group of 30 supporters, he told a story about the "modest" background of himself and his wife, Michelle. And 10 minutes later, seemingly having forgotten, he told them it all again.

Quick to click for the hottest seat in town

Ed Pilkington

Manhattan is a famously elitist place when it comes to fine dining. Who you know is often the key to securing a table at one of the hot new restaurants. Imagine the horror then, when the latest hyper-chic establishment of New York's most happening chef opted for an egalitarian alternative.

Mbeki's rule in limbo as townships burn

Paul Simao

President Thabo Mbeki faces an uphill battle to remain politically relevant in his last year in office after his failure to contain an eruption of violence that has killed dozens of foreign workers in South Africa. Mbeki was already under fire for failing to prevent a crippling power shortage when mobs went on the rampage this month.

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