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Thank you for supporting our journalism. And thank you for understanding the value of independent journalism in South Africa.  

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to upgrade the systems we use to publish our work on digital platforms. Key to these upgrades is to offer you, as a subscriber a better reading experience of our work. 

But there’s a small snag. If you took out your subscription before 15 February 2020, you will need to reset your password to have full access to the Mail & Guardian.

If you took out a subscription after 15 February 2020, or are still having problems after resetting your password, please contact us using this form, giving us as much detail about your problem as possible. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to call on us on [email protected] or call us on 086 007 07 00 or 011 447 0696.

To reset your password

First up, go to your favourite news website in South Africa

And then: 

  1. Select the green “Login” button in the top screen menu on the right hand side.
  1. A pop-block will appear on the screen. Please sign in using the email address in the slot marked “USERNAME” and input your password credentials in the slot marked “YOUR PASSWORD”.

Username: (Your email address)

Password: (password selected upon registration) 

If you have forgotten your password, or this is the first time you have logged on to the ne Mail & Guardian Online, please click on the text “Forgot your password? Get help” to be emailed a link to change your password.

  1. Please click on the large red button that says “LOGIN
  2. You now have full access to the Mail & Guardian Online.

And to access the PDF version of the Mail & Guardian, this is what you have to do:

  1. Navigate to the home page again: 
  2. On the right hand side of the screen you will see a box that says, “Welcome to your M&G” – yes, it is your M&G. 

Now, inside this box you will see two links, one that will take you to your account page where you can update your account information, and the other that will take you to the Digital Edition Page.

  1. Please select the link to “View Latest Edition” .
  1. You now have full access to the Mail & Guardian Online PDF version.

Again, if you’re confused or struggling with the login, please contact [email protected] or call us on 08600 70 700 or 0114470696 and we’ll help you right away. 

Thank you for your support.