The colour of money

The color of United States currency is getting more varied. A newly designed $10 bill was unveiled on Wednesday featuring splashes of orange, yellow and red to go with the traditional green.

The $10 bill note became the third denomination to be jazzed up with colours as part of the government’s effort to thwart counterfeiters and the ever-more sophisticated devices at their disposal.

“Thanks to the changes we’ve made in currency design, thanks to aggressive law enforcement led by the US Secret Service and thanks to an informed public, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the counterfeiters,” Treasury Secretary John Snow said during the unveiling ceremony on Ellis Island in New York harbour.

The location was selected to highlight one of the new features of the bill—a red image of the Statue of Liberty’s torch on the left side of the portrait of Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the Treasury.

The $10 makeover followed changes to the $20 bill in 2003 and the $50 bill last year.

The bills will not actually go into circulation until early next year, but the government was eager to publicise the new design so that people can prepare for the changes.—Sapa-AP


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