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Host goes AWOL
ANC provincial spokesperson Mcebisi Jonas called a press conference in King William’s Town last week and then didn’t pitch. At first the ever-positive provincial health minister and the party’s second in command, Pemmy Majodina, tried to cover for the absent Jonas, who is an MPL and currently in recess.

“He’s probably so busy he forgot,” she said.
When she saw the hacks were not amused, Majodina got on the phone. Jonas said he had changed his mind. Majodina, who would be first in line if the party decided to go for a female premier in the Eastern Cape, was visibly annoyed.” This is not the way we do things in the ANC.” The sista’s got Busi’s vote.

Day trekker
With the light in sight, JZ is already planning some lovely presidential outings. Following on the heels of Mini-Me Malema, who visited the Koeksustermonument in Orania, JZ told the Jong Dames that he plans to pay his first visit to the Voortrekker monument. The effect of this lekker bit of Afrikaner symbol stroking was spoiled when he went on to say he’d need a good guide to explain “all the details”. In Pretoria not knowing what the Voortrekker monument stands for is a capital city offence.

Dynamic young dames
The ever-charming ANC president, Jacob Zuma, set his sights last week on the Afrikaans women’s organisation, Jong Dames Dinamiek. Meeting them in Pretoria, Zuma said he was happy to hear that the JDD sticks to its member age limit of 40. Putting paid to the idea that life begins at 40, madala Msholozi said youth organisations have little or no impact on personal growth after the big four-oh. Busi hopes the ANC Youth League had their hearing aids turned up.

Homies for all
Thanks to their generosity to the homeless, the ANC in Mthatha now owes R40 000 to the municipality for rates and taxes on the party’s headquarters in the old Transkei capital. This is after local party leaders turned their HQ into a home for anyone who needed a place to live. As they explained to the municipality, they sublet flats on the property to “people who just needed a place to stay” and who allegedly agreed to pay the levies. Now the ANC has agreed to pay off the debt in monthly instalments of R2 000.

Busi always wondered what it would be like to live in the Johannesburg city centre and will ask the ANC if there are any flats available in Luthuli House. The view from the 10th floor is fantastic. Truly, a home for all.

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