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Slice of life: ‘Only at 40 did I start to rise’

‘At around the age of 40 or so, I finally accepted teaching, because I had pretty much made a mess of my personal life.’

Intersex babies killed at birth

South African cultural beliefs are leaving a wake of murdered intersex babies in its trail.

Divided DA plays the blame game

South African cultural beliefs are leaving a wake of murdered intersex babies in its trail.

SOS team on standby for Day Zero

When Cape Town’s taps run dry, an elite squad will leap into action to halt outbreaks of disease

Workstream makes R11m comeback

In defence of previous directives, Minister Bathabile Dlamini’s preferred providers are back

Corruptive, evasive Dlamini steers herself towards disaster

Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini this week sought a definition of “meeting” before she could confirm that she had one.

Dodgy oil deal probe gets going

Answers to how and why South Africa’s strategic oil stocks were sold could be provided in July

‘Varsity doesn’t prepare us to teach in rural areas’

Schools on farm and communal land are multigrade, resources are minimal and the lifestyle change is a shock.

Ace checks the corruption card

The new ANC secretary general says the party shouldn’t rush to expel President Jacob Zuma

Pardon touted for Zuma deal

The ANC is wrestling with ways to get the president to agree to vacate office before 2019

Magashule accused of loading provincial task teams

ANC branches in KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State are crying foul over the composition of the provincial task teams appointed by the party secretariat this week

Bop citizens tell of the ‘days of plenty’ under Mangope

But others recall the brutality of his soldiers and police and the illusion of freedom

State, amakhosi and residents at odds over tribal land

As KZN’s traditional leaders oppose the transfer of three-million hectares of tribal land controlled by the Ingonyama Trust to the state, a South Coast community is challenging the trust to stop its efforts to force them to sign leases for their ancestral land.


Listeria: The race to catch a killer

As deaths mount, take an inside look at the detectives working around the clock to solve the country’s medical mystery.

Life, death and political gain

The former health MEC claims her subordinates withheld information from her. But she’s being accused of misleading the legislature.


Exiled Swazi editor speaks out

Zweli Martin Dlamini’s nemesis—a powerful businessman—was murdered in Mbabane, Swaziland, but the controversial journalist is still too scared to go home.

Nigeria, give youth a chance!

A bill proposes reducing the age barriers linked to holding office

Tanzania’s flags of inconvenience

Foreign-owned ships registered in Tanzania have been caught smuggling drugs and arms and now, the country’s president has had enough.


Changes buy Eskom a tiny bit of time

Eskom faces an immediate cash-flow problem and tougher deep-seated challenges

Palladium could be felled by its own success, experts say

Hailed as the best-performing commodity of 2017, palladium—a precious metal used in catalytic converters in petrol engines to curb vehicle pollution—has reached lofty heights, trading at a 17-year high last week.

What telling the truth means at the Eskom inquiry

Although the Eskom inquiry was established to look into the reappointment of Brian Molefe, his retirement package and the allegations of state capture, the scope has been broadened.

Bill raises fears for industrialists

Proposed changes to the Competition Act have sparked concerns in the government that they may inadvertently limit industrial development policy space to promote local business.


It takes a village to end illiteracy

“I hope that more children can develop the joy of reading that my grandfather, my parents, my teachers and my community when I was growing up in Zimbabwe nurtured in me.”

On Bop and the legacy of nostalgia

It’s not strange that people feel nostalgic about Bophuthatswana– it’s part of being South African.

Bra Hugh: How Witbank’s soil grew a global music icon

In the absence of an obituary fit to hold the entirety of the man’s illustrious life, we thought it fitting to let his own words breathe another day.

Kwesta’s snapshot of home

The video is a tapestry of significations that are, at their core, South African but are not distinct from a pan-African set of experiences and images.

Lazarus rising: Strange case of the two uMgqumenis

‘It was like Jesus coming back’ when a maskandi star was miraculously ‘resurrected’. The bizarre events that ensued divided fans and family alike.

Six thousand years of fortitude

Resisting colonisation for over 60 centuries, the Amazigh of North Africa (or Berbers) are drawing global attention to their cause for cultural rights


Like Banquo’s ghost, Khwezi will haunt Cyril

“In Fezekile Kuzwayo, South Africa’s politicians had found an object with which to silence opponents, to pontificate about and to elevate themselves.”

EDITORIAL: Eskom’s liars obfuscate the truth

Koko and Singh claim coincidence and ignorance. They speak of misunderstandings and plots. They deal in technicalities and convenience.

There’s a hush in Pixley ka Seme

“The whole provincial ANC squabble has been blown away by the political whirlwind that has been sweeping South Africa since Nasrec. Forgotten. Irrelevant.”

SA’s great expectations are justified

Government must not preoccupy itself with “developing” certain sectors of our society, as the ANC’s January 8 statement suggests. If anything, government should prioritise public sector reforms.

Institutional racism is still alive and kicking in the workplace

“White privilege— still a dominant force in organisations— automatically renders white employees competent and black employees less competent, prone to corruption and having to prove themselves.”

The grey anatomy of a bad date

What do we lose when we characterise sexual coercion as a romantic blunder– and who gains from that loss?

Queue blues: When cooler heads prevail

“Investments won’t make it rain,” he said in response to the water cooler guy’s impotent remark. It’s going to come down to the community working together. Have you guys been using the water map?”

Poor school education undercuts free varsity

“It is clear that without improving the quality of basic and tertiary education it is impossible for education to fund itself.”

We do have solutions for SA’s reading crisis

Several excellent projects could be expanded immediately– for a meagre R500-million a year.

Reading must be central to our lives

Our own communities need to do more to promote reading. There are limited texts in homes, in churches and in community centres.


West Indies rebels’ bitter legacy

The divisions that were created by the tours to apartheid South Africa in the 1980s still persist

‘It’s a home game wherever we play’ – Khune

Despite acknowledging that Sundowns’ continental glory has helped fill stadiums, Khune couldn’t resist a dig — implying Amakhosi are still the country’s most loved side.

Fifa names high rollers

Sepp Blatter and Jerome Valcke are among the officials who milked the association

Stadium storm hits Cape Town

With Ajax being charged for failing to supply an adequate venue, the focus is now largely on how the city views football. 

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