On our Lists this week: Jesse Boykins III, Khalil Gibran, and Nakhane

Nakhane's album, You Will Not Die, can hold its own in any corner of the universe(Tarryn Hatchett)

Nakhane's album, You Will Not Die, can hold its own in any corner of the universe(Tarryn Hatchett)


You Will Not Die by Nakhane: I’ve had the honour of listening to the full version of Nakhane’s new album, out on March 16, and I have so much respect for how he has consistently been agile enough to allow his message to spread through different mediums. Musically, this album can hold its own in any corner of the universe, what with its choral backing on what I would describe as a traditionally rock-influenced constellation of soulful, popping ballads about not belonging and then belonging to yourself. Look out for new songs Interloper, You Will Not Die and Violent Measures among a reworked fave, Fog.
Something about the music video for Interloper is reminiscent of Queen’s Somebody to Love, in an interesting conversation between Freddie Mercury and time. (MB)

Earth Girls by Jesse Boykins III: The plan was to keep my love for this song a secret so it could stay my thing. But then Boykins was, like: “This is for you, first and foremost, the real creator on Earth, a womxn,” and I reluctantly relinquished the fact that it’s all about me. It’s about all of us who identify as womxn, and how pretty cool we are. Plus, I live in the music video. (ZH)


Selected Works by Khalil Gibran: The universe has jokes. I’ve been wanting a large, hefty text that I could use in the same way that some people use the Bible or the Qur’an and because she is leaving the country and wanted to give me a parting gift, a friend gave this to me last weekend amid the pink-and-yellow lighting of a speakeasy. She bought this huge collection while travelling in India and it is now on my bedside table. As someone whose copy of The Prophet is tattered because of overuse, this has now become part of my library of heirlooms. So far, I have only read a few pages of the first chapter out of a total of 11. (MB)

Hunger by Roxane Gay: This is me putting it out there that I will be reading this book by the time you see this. “I am hyperconscious of how I take up space. As a woman, as a fat woman, I am not supposed to take up space. And yet, as a feminist, I am encouraged to believe I can take up space. I live in a contradictory space where I should try to take up space but not too much of it.” A dear friend posted this excerpt from Gay’s book, and it read me. It read right through me, lol. So, I have to get a copy and go through the motions in the hope that it will somehow be cathartic. (ZH)

The Lists were compiled by Milisuthando Bongela, Kwanele Sosibo and Zaza Hlalethwa

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