On our Lists this week:I Called Him Morgan, Pusha T, and Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

A beautiful tribute to Lee Morgan's partner Helen Morgan in having raised him from the depths of heroin addiction (Netflix)

A beautiful tribute to Lee Morgan's partner Helen Morgan in having raised him from the depths of heroin addiction (Netflix)


The gospel according to Pusha T by Josie Duffy Rice: “Honest art is not always honourable art — which is to say, there is no honour in laying bare the failings of others when you are unwilling to interrogate your own. Honesty that asks no sacrifice lacks truth; honesty at someone else’s expense lacks virtue. Profit and provocation are easy.
Honourable art, hard art, is in the reckoning.” This is closing paragraph of Josie Duffy Rice’s July 12 piece in the online magazine The Atlantic, titled The gospel according to Pusha T. Timely and yet historical in approach, it is an appraisal of not only Pusha T’s approach to the kingpin persona but hip-hop’s vilification of the addict. The sentences kept me reading, and reading again. (KS)

The New Gentlewoman: Good friends insist on you taking your favourite magazine home with you when you happen to see it on their bookshelf. The New Gentlewoman Magazine with Allison Janney on the cover (love her) moves with me between the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room. I read it very slowly, and spoon in every word and photograph Penny Martin and her team collate. (MB)

Ponti by Sharlene Teo: The cover and title of the book misled me into thinking the author and plot were of African descent but I was mistaken. Based in Singapore, Ponti sits in the secret not-so-popular folds of friendships teenage girls form and the their ability to haunt us years later. Because of this book and a weekend of isolation from loved ones, I’m tempted to text my former best friend. (ZH)


I Called Him Morgan: This is a beautifully woven tale of how trumpeter Lee Morgan met his end in 1972 at the hands of his partner ,Helen Morgan. Perhaps more than a tale of Lee’s demise, it is a tribute to Helen’s heroism, not in snuffing out his life but in having raised him from the depths of heroin addiction. (KS)

Symphony No 5: For weeks now I’ve been editing the trailer to my documentary (my four-year-old side gig) and playing with the idea of fusing childhood songs from games like Uvelaphi Smadlamini and Tomatiso he so and Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in C-Minor and can’t seem to get past the many roads. Op. 67: III Allegro (attaca) — IV Allegro goes up and down and up and high and low and low and high. It’s marvellous. (MB)

The Lists were compiled by Milisuthando Bongela, Kwanele Sosibo, and Zaza Hlalethwa

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