On our lists this week: Victory Boyd, Rainer Maria Rilke and Divorce

Classic: Ten letters by Rainer Maria Rilke remain powerfully touching

Classic: Ten letters by Rainer Maria Rilke remain powerfully touching

The Playlist

The Broken Instrument by Victory Boyd: This woman has a beautiful voice. I learnt about the singer when the album was playing during a long Uber ride and I’ve had it on repeat ever since then. Boyd’s music is a mixture of jazz, folk and soul.
I appreciate how simple her diction is. It appears to force her to go into great detail to describe the scenery and emotions of each song. At times while listening I have had to take pauses to recover from the weight of vulnerability she packs into each note she sings. Her music sounds like an audiobook being sung with smooth instrumentals. (ZH)

Divorce, Season 2: This is the first series I’ve watched in about 10 months. Sarah Jessica Parker returns to our small screens as divorcée Frances Dufresne. She had an affair, which resulted in her husband divorcing her. I didn’t see Season 1. You know a show is really good when you can hop on somewhere in the middle and still enjoy the ride. The high drama and heart-wrenching twists that pushed me away from enjoying television are nowhere to be found in this show, which, artfully and with subtle humour, paints a picture of the aftermath of dismantling a heterosexual middle-class family in upstate New York. To me, she will forever be Carrie Bradshaw and I think I like this because this feels like an extension of that character, a little less stylish and a little more grown up. (MB)

The Reading List

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke: I approach this classic with trepidation and respect. I’m at the beginning of poet Rilke’s letters written during his travels in various part of Europe at the turn of the 20th century to Franz Xaver Kappus, who had sought advice about his own poetry. (The two never met.) Laden with universal laws about love, beauty, power and human endeavour, I take these letters as lessons on the things that make one want to write. (MB)

The Lists were compiled by Milisuthando Bongela (MB) Zaza Hlalethwa (ZN) 

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