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(Mail & Guardian)

Cyril aligns cogs in his Cabinet

The negotiations started before the elections and continued until the very last moment. After the president briefed alliance partners and the ANC’s top brass on the final list of ministers and their deputies late on Wednesday, the small group was kept inside the Union Buildings. Their phones were taken away: nobody would put a spoke in the president’s big reveal

Premiers signal virtue in provinces

Displays of conspicuous frugality replace flashy inaugurations as leaders promise delivery

Zikalala’s clean-up should scour director general first

KwaZulu-Natal’s new premier, Sihle Zikalala, will have to start his promised clean up of the provincial government at the very top and fire its director general, Nonhlanhla Mkhize.

Registrar gets tough on unions

Changes in the law have empowered the labour registrar, who has warned noncompliant unions that they are in danger of being deregistered

VBS Mutual liquidators target KPMG

Liquidators are investigating the auditing firm’s sign-off on financial statements, while two former executives also pursue a lawsuit against it

Durban’s sewage woes continue

The city’s crippling three-week sewage crisis happened because its sewage plant pumps ‘aren’t designed for pumping shit’ — and it’s going to cost R10-million to fix

Slice of life: ‘Bonsai gives you that real zen’

‘You completely get lost in the world of the tree’

Body found in KZN hospital ceiling

It’s not know how a man with a broken leg went missing and was later found dead

Promised land becomes the land of broken promises

The state is stealing people’s land and using money meant for land reform to provide kickbacks to well-connected people.
In a countrywide investigation, Special Assignment’s Hazel Friedman continues to look at how that land was stolen and people’s dreams have been shattered. This report is a follow-on of the Mail & Guardian investigation last week into the ‘Luthuli House comrades-in-farms’ and the private companies benefiting from a purposefully broken system

SA’s suburban camera creep tests privacy

Private surveillance firms say they operate within the law, but no court has yet ruled on compliance

ANC, DA discuss trading Scopa positions

The party says it hopes the ANC offers the chairperson-ship to the official opposition in the National Assembly.

Gordhan fires back at Mkhwebane

The reappointed Public Enterprises Minister goes further, claiming the public protector’s finding against him was politically motivated

MECs, not Angie, have to fix schools

Contrary to popular belief,  the real power in education lies not at state level but with the provinces. Bongekile Macupe introduces the incoming MECs who will decide the future of millions, and the enormous obstacles they face

Class fluidity ruled in ancient Zim

A UCT academic who grew up in Zimbabwe has won a prestigious award, highlighting the importance of local researchers

Economic curry for Tito to cook

It’s a recipe that should feed 58-million with a bit of pot-luck and an ample pinch of salt

Motsamai journeys from prison to Parliament

The newly sworn-in delegate was only recently released from Boksburg prison and is on parole after serving almost 28 years behind bars


Ageing and the secrets of our genes

For centuries, humankind has searched for fabled fountains of youth. Today, a rare group of people is ageing at an astonishing rate — and they could be the key to unlocking the secrets of the processes that shape our lives from the cradle to the grave

What happened after Esidimeni?

These health workers presided over one of the deadliest tragedies since the dawn of democracy. Today, they can still practice


Cultural imperialism with Chinese characteristics

Africa is on the frontline of China’s neocolonial project. We must resist

Dictators never rule alone

African protesters should not assume that by toppling a Big Man, those holding him up will crumble too


Reserve Bank sounds frank warning

State support of Eskom and other parastatals places the financial sector’s stability at risk

Merged ministries a mixed bag

Economists approve of the choice of finance and public enterprise ministers, but worry about energy and water

SA’s grocery giants stomp on small, independent stores in non-urban areas

The Competition Commission has found that small and independent retailers are struggling to adapt to a changing competitive environment because of the dominance of national supermarket chains in non-urban areas.

Wiese denies self-service accusations

The Steinhoff debacle caused its major investor a loss of R50bn and kicked him off the richest list

UK and the ‘Axis of Avoidance’ tax the world’s patience

Think tax havens and you could be forgiven for thinking of idyllic island somewhere hot with palm trees.

Treasury widens SA’s tax net

Despite outrage over its planned ‘expat tax’ amendments, the state is adamant that closing the personal income loophole is in line with international practice

Comment & Analysis:

Modi victory secures illiberal, majority rule

The Indian leader’s party is backed by a Hindu nationalist movement and dominates Parliament

Editorial: Cabinet picks boost gender equality

South Africa is now just one of 11 countries in the world where women running the country make up the same proportion as they do in society

Editorial: Juju’s words can hurt

Malema understands well the power of language

No perks for Swedish MPs

Everyone, including the prime minister and judges, must live in conditions similar to voters

Cyril, Emery have tricky kickoffs

South Africa’s manager, like Arsenal’s, starts his season of political football poor and with a team of own-goalers

SA youth seek and have fluid identities

Born-frees are caught between a yearned-for humanism and rigid racial categories

Citizen participation is essential to change government

Economist Milton Friedman once remarked that “governments never learn, only people learn’’. He was right. Left to their own devices, governments the world over tend to repeat the same mistakes.

Use ‘soft skills’ to stop bias in academia

Two academic articles raise questions about the inherent racism and sexism in scientific methodologies and research ethics

Mabuza’s moves exposed Ace’s (under)hand

The move by ANC deputy president David Mabuza has exposed the cracks in the governing party’s renewal project

Immigration Act upended by legal chaos

Every foreigner, including investors, has to hurdle ignorant officials and a multiplicity of ‘laws’

A dark spiral skewers sleep

Depression is a mood disorder that has physical effects, including disruption of a good night’s rest

You’ve got (sincere) mail

“Thank you for reaching out” is a line in an email I received the other day. I couldn’t tell whether it was meant sincerely, condescendingly or flippantly, like the many times I’ve sent “Hope you’re well” to people.


The Portfolio: Phumlani Pikoli

‘The process of writing in solitude is still puzzling. How am I alone when I have so many people inside me?’

The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this

Moving encounters with misfits and megastars

Film festival screens documentaries of several celebrities and some local artists

Our starch cravings date back to cave dwellers

Starches have been dietary staples for even longer than we thought

Trawling the streets of Asia for food

A docu-series highlights the importance of nutritious and delicious meals provided by pavement vendors

Rebel without a pause

For much of his career, motswako rapper Mo’Molemi has attempted to capture and make sense of the precarious position young black people occupy in democratic South Africa

Our land of empty promises

The tragedy of dispossession under colonial rule and apartheid continues under democracy


Ain’t no mountain high enough

An all-women African team, which includes a climber who was part of the disastrous 1996 climb, plans to summit Mount Everest in 2020

It’s Banyana’s D-day landing

In Normandy, the team have one last chance to warm themselves up for the Women’s World Cup

World Cup is anyone’s oyster

This year there are a number of teams good enough to ensure a fierce battle for the title

Guile vs power in all-English Champions League final

Liverpool have no choice but to toss aside their sheepskin this weekend. They’re no longer fooling anyone and it was getting a bit smelly and ragged anyway.

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