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Ramaphosa faces formidable odds

The president has delivered his State of the Nation address,promising more of his ‘New Dawn’. But his work is being consistently undermined by an ANC with possibly three factions at war with each other

Fraudster named in SA’s oil deal

A man guilty of impersonating a US congressman and who is implicated in a money-laundering case in Ghana has now popped up in the murky oil deal Jeff Radebe signed with South Sudan

DA admits to governance balls-ups

After disappointing elections results, the party is focusing on its municipalities and coalitions

Midrand’s ‘airpocalypse’ a reality with toxic air

The air people breathe in Midrand is often 50 times more toxic than is considered safe

A desperate mother’s cry for help

What do you do when your child has a disorder that can make them violent, and the education system isn’t equipped to handle them? Bongekile Macupe talked to a mother and daughter struggling to cope with opppositional defiant disorder

VBS’s missing R100-million in funeral money

The funeral cover for truck drivers could be lost as part of the VBS debacle, with the money allegedly used to file the void created during looting

Ramaphosa, heed Césaire’s words and be bold and decisive

It’s a challenging time for the government as it seeks to stir confidence both about South Africa’s ability to turn things around

Capture leaves SA’s talent in tatters

With years worth of experience reporting on state-owned entities, Mail & Guardian investigative reporter Sabelo Skiti draws back the curtains for a look at SAA, Dudu Myeni and the ruins left behind

‘Tiso Blackstar is just the beginning’

With half of all journalism jobs gone in South Africa, one union is trying to halt the decline

Controversy overshadows annual State of the Newsroom report

Journalists overwhelmed, underpaid, abused and not supported says newsroom report

He’s Fighting for your dying day

Despite losing another assisted-dying case, Sean Davison will continue his advocacy

Slice of Life: These women still shape me

Those women I know and those in the taxi whom I don’t — and how they shaped me

We’re ‘doomed’ if justice isn’t fixed

After years of pointing out the problems, advocacy groups want to work with the state to change the system

DA wants its mayor out ⁠— he won’t go

The DA and ANC have spent years trying to outmaneuver each other and gain control of Knysna. Now, despite the DA having more seats, the ANC has chosen the town’s mayor

Drag queen’s push against gangs

In Lavender Hill, one of South Africa’s most violence-riddled areas, an unlikely activist is finding ways to keep children out of trouble


Small KZN town proves world wrong

Experts said it couldn’t be done.
Now, the rural community of Eshowe has shown that if we test and treat enough people for HIV, we may just slash new infections

More than just a shot in the arm

We finally know this widely used birth control shot doesn’t put you at risk of HIV. But that doesn’t mean it should be the only thing on clinic shelves


Living in the midst of revolution: A homage to Khartoum

In 2019,the residents of Sudan’s capital have witnessed a revolution,a counter-revolution,joyous celebrations,brutal massacres and the fall of a dictator-and now they are fighting to prevent the rise of another

The slow-motion assassination of Mohamed Morsi

Morsi was often kept in solitary confinement, while struggling with both diabetes and high blood pressure

Somalia transition plan on track as Amisom begins exit

Important targets that Amisom set out to achieve as part of our Somalia exit strategy are being completed

Accra mayor: ‘We need to do more’

As more and more Africans move to cities local governments are going to need more power, says Mohammed Adjei Sowah

Somalia’s enduring Bollywood love affair

Actor Amitabh Bachechan may not know it,but he has been a superstar in Mogadishu for years


Libra: How Zucked are we really?

Is the new venture from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook just another invasion of our privacy, or is it a brave new dawn for digital currencies?

Amcu inks R14 000 deal

The agreement could lay the foundation for a showdown in the platinum sector ahead of further negotiations

Tiny taxi offers a cute alternative

A new e-hailing service offers rides at a fraction of its rivals’ prices, and it’s cooking with gas

This piggery can’t go to market

Riverside Piggeries has been a pioneer in biogas to electricity, but not without frustration


DA in want of leadership and an identity

The party’s electoral decline is an indication that it does not really know what it stands for

EDITORIAL: Journalism is the antidote to state capture

Letters to the editor: June 21 to 27

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President has better fish to fry

His lunchtime outing is a taste of things to come ⁠— meals that keep cabinet in touch with the people

ANC and DA try to gain upper hand in municipal stalemate

As the sixth administration begins settling in, a new frontier for power is opening up at local level

Democracy still rules ⁠— for now

The world should be wary of creeping autocratisation, even in democratic countries

Beware the toxic narcissist

Their grandiosity marks insecurity and any perceived threat to their image leads to abuse in relationships

Dylan pulls off another put-on

As Picasso said, though he may have had TS Eliot’s words put in his mouth: “Good artists copy; great artists steal.”


How to complete your doctorate while serving in the Cabinet

Naledi Pandor, the minister of international relations and co-operation and previously the minister of higher education, reflects on her journey of getting her PhD in education as a mature student ­— and offers prospective doctoral students encouragement and practical tips

New financial tool can help create work

The innovative approach aims to target one of Africa’s key problems ⁠— youth unemployment

There’s another, more prevalent violence at schools

The minute girls walk into the school environment, they face numerous difficulties, including discrimination on the basis of sex


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this

Discard the odd and publish in Africa

As we continue using the same blueprint, we will continue mourning the high illiteracy rates and low returns in the book market

Ndikho Xaba: Unruly native till the end

The jazz maestro was an activist first and foremost, and created his own unique instruments and style

Photographer James Barnor – Ever Young at 90

He tells the story of his becoming a photographer and photojournalist in Ghana and in London


Shopping spree awaits at Afcon

Global football scouts will be on the lookout for fresh African talent for European clubs

Boots, balls & bluster: Blowing the whistle on rugby ref bias

Claims of favouritism stalk the game, but the data on penalties paints a picture at odds with righteous indignation

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