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ANC, IFP eyeing Jo’burg takeover

The Democratic Alliance’s relationship with the Inkatha Freedom Party is on the rocks and the ANC sees an opportunity

Breath, death and data: The air in our cities is killing us

In Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein and Cape Town, the air people breathe is often so dangerous that it is killing them. This air affects the health of everyone, from unborn babies to healthy adults and pensioners. Conservative estimates put the death toll at 54 people a day.
In this ongoing series, Sipho Kings looks at how dirty the air is, who is to blame and what is being done about it

Jiba, Mrwebi still to clear their names

This is despite the Constitutional Court quashing a bid to debar the former NPA officials

Another town bites the dust

Things are so bad in Standerton that a JSE-listed company has to truck in and treat its own water

Slice of life: Boerewors — and condoms too

‘My dream is to have hotdog street kiosks around Jo’burg’s clubs and provide free condoms as well’

Universities offer HIV treatment

On-campus clinics roll out ARTs to students to improve access and decrease stigma

Kalahari will become too hot for birds

Losing birds in the Kalahari has a wider effect. Desert areas are critical to overall evolution in avian species, adding diversity to the species

‘Drugs are the tools for the youth to self-destruct’

A new report reveals that South Africa is the leading importer in southern Africa of chemicals to make illicit synthetic drugs such as tik

Check coaches at the school gates

Without proper vetting, paedophiles can get into places where they have ‘unfettered’ access to vulnerable children

Prasa leaves guards in the cold

Security guards, who face danger while protecting the rail system, will lose their jobs because the agency is ending contracts with providers


The missing ‘love gloves’ of Africa

Each year, the continent falls R3-billion condoms short of what it needs. Could investing in condom factories be the answer — and create jobs to boot?

Dr Smartphone for the bedroom

From how to spice up your sex life to ‘does this look weird?’, some questions you just don’t want to ask. Now there’s an app for that


Why no one’s buying the new Zimbabwean dollar

Currencies are based on trust, and trust is in short supply

Rich nations ‘not helping’ refugees

Conflict in Ethiopia has displaced masses of people, but relief efforts are under-funded

Former Gambian dictator Jammeh was a ‘serial sexual predator’

Former president Yahya Jammeh allegedly used his position to rape and sexually assault young women, claims new report

AU, UN need to work together

Deadly conflicts will be best addressed if Addis Ababa and New York increase co-operation

Mauritania cracks down on opposition after election

Mauritanian police raided the headquarters of two opposition parties


Mining shares bust the gloom

Equities in the sector are up 30% this year, which has implications for wage negotiations

Prescribed assets a ‘bad call’

An investment firm has warned that requiring pension funds to put their money in specific assets would be bad for the SA economy

Jobs won’t soar till the economy does

Digitisation has led to a wave of job cuts, but the real problem remains a lack of meaningful growth

GDP still best indicator of wellbeing

New Zealand now has an alternative measure that’s less about money than people, but it may be missing the mark

Ramaphosa failed to offer us any real Sona power

This last Sona has been widely criticised for, among other things, lacking precision and detail


On hope and the death of nostalgia in South Africa

If South Africa is neither hopeful nor tragic, what posture should we take in relation to the future?

Editorial: Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The lives of many Alexandra residents have not been improved by successive governments in the province and in the city

Editorial: Pollution blame game

We are quick to blame companies and the government for pollution, but we are also all culpable

Letters to the editor: June 28 to July 4

Read this week’s letters to the editor

President snaps out of dream talk

Ramaphosa swerved to right himself this week, but he needs to keep both hands on the wheel on road ahead

Young South Africans to lead the revolution

Past industrial revolutions were sparked by innovative youth; the 4IR should be the same

Digital tech can boost health

But the pros and cons of mobile apps have to be carefully considered before theyare adopted

The pros of Myself (Pty) Ltd

“I’ve been using a company name and have played with the idea of talking to clients about “us here at the office”... but I’ve realised it’s just me. “


Higher education institutions need to face up to the future

The emerging new world order demands reflexive schools whose graduates address society’s needs


Mall trawling out of fashion

The second-hand clothing market is a necessity for many and a trend among fashionistas

Thanks, Jo Struik, for our literary legacy

Elsa Joubert, one of South Africa’s most famous authors —her book The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena was translated into 13 languages —is now in her 90s and living in an old-age home. In her memoir Cul-de-Sac (Tafelberg), she wryly muses on life and relationships. This is an edited extract

‘I’m finally getting recognition’

Celebrated Ghanaian photographer James Barnor continues his interviw with Raison Naidoo, focusing on the later years of his career


Crucial Afcon derby awaits Bafana

With national sporting pride dented, the men’s soccer team have a chance to rekindle fans’ sporting ambitions when they take on Namibia

Political football: Is sport today a new form of colonialism?

The English are celebrating England’s recent domination of the European league competitions, but how ‘English’ are their top clubs?

Can Federer defy age at Wimbledon?

The 37-year-old is setting his sights on becoming the oldest man to win a Grand Slam singles title

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