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(Mail & Guardian August 8 to 15 edition)

(Mail & Guardian August 8 to 15 edition)

Ramaphosa laughs at generals’ proposal

Their plan to redraft procurement law to put it in the defence force’s control has been scrapped

Secret details of the land deal that brought the IFP into the 94 poll

A sweetheart deal. This is how the Ingonyama Trust has been repeatedly described: millions of hectares of land in return for the Inkatha Freedom Party not boycotting the 1994 elections. Now, in an exclusive story, Hilary Lynd uncovers the secret details of the controversial agreement.
From secret meetings on airport runways to the KwaZulu legislature, she charts the creation of the trust. This comes as yet another government report questions whether there is a need for the body.

Mkhwebane in bid to appeal Nkwinti order

The public protector says an interim order to prevent the release of her report is ‘an intrusion by courts’

Batohi asks public protector if she had misunderstood her powers

The NDPP sent a letter to ask whether there had been a “misunderstanding” about the “independent mandates about our respective offices”

NPA reopens apartheid cases

Inquests into the deaths of Neil Aggett and Hoosen Haffejee will be reopened, after pressure from the families’ lawyers

Bare minimum is just not enough

The stipend for the community work programme is R780 a month — but they want the basic minimum wage of R3 500 a month that some workers now get

Slice of Life: ‘I’m not a writer. I’m a barber’

“When I first started writing, I was just trying to not forget what I had learned that day.”

Earth’s toughest creatures may be living on the moon

It is unlikely that they will be rescued in time. Even if they survived, they are doomed,”

Sparks fly as labour takes on Eskom

Trade unions disagree with key policy decisions, and won’t budge even as the state-owned power utility’s dire finances threaten the economy

Pre-grade R is on the timetable

The National Development Plan wants children to go to school earlier. Will the country’s provinces be ready to meet the start date in 2024?

Rhino trade in the heart of darknets

Trafficking in endangered species is increasingly moving online. Roxanne Joseph investigates the networks that facilitate these transactions

NPA lets lion butchers off the hook

Charges have been dropped against North West residents found with vast quantities of endangered species


Silencing the ‘rudest’ woman in Uganda

For academic Stella Nyanzi, obscenity — radical rudeness — is an act of rebellion against the repressive Museveni regime

The pushy tout’s guide to Marrakech

The Marrakech that tourists are shown is a very different place from the city that locals live in

Mozambique rivals sign peace deal

The leaders of Renamo and Frelimo hail the ‘new era’ ending clashes between the two since 2013

Zimbabweans are ‘marching towards starvation’

Zimbabwe was once the breadbasket of Southern Africa, but its economy has been on a downturn for more than a decade with perennial food shortages


Why the gender pay gap persists

Social norms and the economic value we attach to work are among the reasons the disparity still exists

Clover sale cheeses off unions

The Milco consortium buyout could result in the loss of jobs once restructuring is completed

The ‘drug’ that’s killing Eskom

The current electricity pricing policy rewards the power utility for inefficiencies. Fix it and the state-owned entity will have a chance to recover

Bond auction underwhelms

Local and global factors — including the Eskom bailout and US-China trade tensions — are weighing on the appetite for government debt

Trump’s twichy Twitter fingers add to SA woes

When the US president is not stoking the flames of white nationalism on Twitter, he is playing chicken in a trade war with the Chinese


A hard and perilous road ahead for SA

We must hold the line against authoritarianism and ensure political participation by the majority

EDITORIAL: Morrison’s grace of imagination

Toni Morrison exists beyond the confines of literature, offering her works as part of a canon that should exist as a blueprint for a free existence.

EDITORIAL: Blaming migrants is not on

Blaming foreigners for a nation’s problems is a tactic beloved of populist and nationalist politicians everywhere

Kashmir: Modi’s threat to India’s democracy

The revocation of the contested territory’s special status marks a dangerous Hindu-nationalist shift

Comrade vs comrade in Durban

The divisions in the ANC are paralysing the party’s structures in a war of attrition that neither faction has enough clout to win

Women must lead, the rest will follow

Political parties will not be truly representative until gender quotas apply across the board, including at the very top

Army must uphold constitutional values

The charges against Major Fatima Isaacs are another example of how liberal democracies try to prescribe Muslim women’s dress code

How we can restore our ecosystems

To secure our long-term future, we need to move away from an extractive, transactional economy

Listen to your children

Witnessing violence or even being bullied at school can traumatise youngsters in ways we don’t always see at first

Let’s hear it for silence

I have a fantasy in which a salesperson knocks on my door. I open the door and they open their briefcase presenting me with silence

Support African women working in agriculture

African women, on average, make up 40% of the agricultural labour workforce, but their contributions continue to be barely recognised


UP actively boosts women professors and researchers

The university has 83 (32.5%) women professors out of a total of 255


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this

Lagos: The long and short of it

The short stories in Nights of the Creaking Bed by Toni Kan explore, among other topics, sexual behaviour as a source of power in society

You’ve got to Love Books

“I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I knew a bit about the book world and I’d read a few books, but I’d never sold a book in my life”.

The shifting meanings of that June 16 image

Sam Nzima’s 1976 photograph still resonates with people – for different reasons

Shekhinah is coming up roses

She is South Africa’s top streaming woman this year, despite Rose Gold being released in 2017

The Portfolio: Tshepo Moloi

“When I analyse the image, with the dog looking away, it is a bit blurry. To me that evokes this idea of disconnectedness.”


Pirates score on treasure hunt

Some key additions ensure the Buccaneers are brimming with quality and primed to challenge for the league title

Premier League big boys under real threat

The straggling members of English football’s top six have not done enough to secure their position, so they cannot afford to rest on their laurels

Stumped: What now for Proteas?

After a terrible World Cup, it’s not exactly clear how South African cricket will begin rebuilding

Netball is ready to sit at the big table

All eyes are on the road to the Cape Town World Cup in 2023. The largest national championships ever to be held is just the first step on the journey

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