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(Mail & Guardian August 16-22 2019 edition)

(Mail & Guardian August 16-22 2019 edition)

Busi, Absa and costly spelling slips

Errors in email addresses contributed to the row between the protector, the bank and the president

The PP must now pay Vrede costs

The high court says the public protector’s failures when investigating the controversial dairy project affected ‘the rights of the poor and vulnerable’

Scopa’s new chairperson promises to kick butt

Mkhuleko Hlengwa warns that Scopa will use its new far-reaching powers

Slice of life: ‘Cannabis calm saved me’

Today, I’m a weed activist. I’ve seen the injustice of really, really good people getting fucked by really bad laws

Intra-party funding must be open

The CR17 campaign did nothing wrong legally but all political parties’ funds should be regulated

Mother challenges home affairs

A stateless woman in Durban is waging a court battle to receive identification documents so she can apply for birth certificates for her children, but the department won’t hear of it

Search for new ANC leaders in Western Cape a delicate matter

Two weeks ago, the ANC’s national executive committee disbanded the provincial executive committee for, among other reasons, in-fighting

Setback blow for DD’s chosen one

Mpumalanga premier’s key lobbyist’s assault case will hurt her bid for more power

Desperate days for local papers, radio

National newspapers are shedding jobs but the situation is even worse for community media, many of which face closure

Media bargaining council mooted

In a move that could provide an alternative to the South African National Editors Forum, a new form of workers’ representation is being plotted

Doing the ‘tramadol dance’: What this latest craze says about pill addiction

The illicit trade in this painkiller has become the stuff of ballads and dance halls but its abuse is threatening to condemn those in real need

The struggle to uncapture the classroom

With their submissions to the commission of inquiry into state capture, two civil society groups have set out to root out corruption in education

Jiba guns for president, the NPA

In her affidavit, the ex-deputy prosecutions head argues that her removal was unconstitutional


Africa’s most authoritarian school

The militarised Warsai Yikealo Secondary School is at the heart of Eritrea’s repressive regime, according to Human Rights Watch

Beware the fake news soldiers

As social media use rises in Nigeria, so does abuse of these platforms

UK visa system disfavours Africans

No continent has suffered more from Britain’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy


NHI: the good, the bad, the ugly

Some analysts say the proposed fund is creating policy uncertainty but others think it could help to fix a broken system

Rwanda’s gingerbread house

Kigali is flashing its sweetest smile to foreign firms, but there may be cracks in the image it’s presenting

Easy imports bury jobs in concrete

Cheaper cement from China and Vietnam has hit producers in SA, who are asking the state for help

State champs at its border Bill bit

The border management authority threatens “to be an auxiliary police service”, creating “oversecuritised zones”

Vocabulary needed to make sense of the new normal

Negative rates are seriously spooking markets. Money managers are used to getting a positive return on their investments

You too can win on the JSE

Low fees are attracting investors to a range of listed exchange-traded products


Men should embrace feminism

The feminist project is about equality and justice for all human beings, including men and boys

Editorial: Former colony now the coloniser

A communications blackout left people worldwide worried about the fate of their relatives in an area that contains the only Muslim majority in India

Editorial: On nonviolent resistance

South Africa, of course, is no stranger to protest action, of both the peaceful and the unpeaceful variety

Editorial: The magic amount: R500 000

One of the most pressing political crises started with our multibillionaire president being questioned in Parliament about R500 000

No secret deal with the king

The IFP rejects the Mail & Guardian’s story stating that it held the 1994 elections to ransom

They Babylon await Mama’s Army

The eThekwini mayor has been removed.
No, not fired. She’s been redeployed. And it wasn’t because of the dodgy waste tender

Strangers are blamed for our burdens

Politicians find quick fix ‘solutions’ in a bid to appease citizens who accept false information

South Africa fails to tap into immigration pot of gold

South Africa appears to regard all foreigners with suspicion, making visa, residency and citizenship applications a complex nightmare

Why babies and mothers are still dying

Look to perceptions and local context – and not more training for nurses – to cut the mortality rate

Quilled or typed, it’s writ

If we are not thinking of a quill, when we say someone has “penned” a book, are we thinking of a standard ballpoint pen?


Improve schools by having restorative justice and teaching learners more than content

In schools, the restorative approach removes the climate of fear that negatively affects teaching and learning

E-learning education conference looks to unlock Africa’s future

The conference will bring together different role players in society to discuss opportunities for expanding Africa’s education sector

Programme multiplies learners’ success

A maths and science incubator run by Nelson Mandela University is producing promising results


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this

The fraternity of lived genius

Author Toni Morrison’s words set high new standards for ethics

Mantsho for the masses

Palesa Mokubung’s trailblazing brand is leading H&M’s first partnership with an African designer

Write the future with young adults

Leaders of this continent need to pay attention to the intellectual need of the majority of the population.


Eight million reasons to show up

What will the MTN8 prize money and invaluable confidence mean to the trophy’s eventual winner?

Tshwane claws back the cup

After a hair-raising start, the side from Pretoria won the national netball championships, and two of its players will join the Spar Proteas

Call Carter: All Blacks legend settles Bledisloe Cup nerves

The defending world cup champions have brought a two-time winner to advise creative players in the setup

African boys win Jr NBA international pool, go on to global finals

Basketball is progressing in Africa and so is the talent of the youth playing it

Former Ronaldo fan’s irate clip goes viral

The bizarre row has prompted a police investigation

Coach drops top All Blacks

Steve Hansen wants a “200%” improvement from his players for their clash with the Aussies