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(Mail & Guardian August 23 to 29 2019 edition)

(Mail & Guardian August 23 to 29 2019 edition)

CR17 money also went to the ANC

The governing party got a piece of the pie in the controversial payments, according to the campaign’s leaked bank statements

The mystery man who helped Cyril win at Nasrec

The Premier League and building support in divided provinces were the focus of the CR17

How to win votes and influence people

A Netflix documentary The Great Hack detailed the connections between Cambridge Analytica, the US election of Donald Trump and Brexit

Mischief managed: Cyril’s take on CR17 fund flows

The president detailed the many moving parts of his campaign to win the ANC presidency

Khayelitsha’s people are still in the dangerous dark

Five years after a commission of inquiry into policing issued recommendations on how to make the Cape Flats township safer, Lester Kiewit talks to residents about whether the situation has changed

ANC tests EFF with vote for Mashaba

If the fledgling party had ‘flip-flopped’ in support of the Johannesburg mayor, it would have given the ruling party ammunition for elections in 2021

Magashule sues for defamation over ATM claims

The ANC’s secretary-general says the claims that he was assisting a rival political party are lies

Women train drivers are under attack

For Prasa’s 293 female drivers, the job isn’t as simple as getting from point A to B. They also have to contend with frustrated commuters

Sun over beach? Better behave, says Cape

Rate-payer interest groups say certain provisions on protecting the coastal environment are welcomed. But they also describe other proposals

Rivers die after oil, chemical spill

A disastrous oil and chemical spill at Willowton Oils in Pietermaritzburg has devastated the Msunduzi and Umgeni and harmed the lives of those who depend on the rivers for survival

Equality court: Flying old SA flag is hate speech

In a precedent-setting judgment, the judge found that hate speech extends beyond using offensive words to gestures

Slice of life: The fight in me

In the 11 years since I watched that MMA video, my life has been centred around fitness, boxing and mixed martial arts

UCT stuck on academic freedom

A lecture delivered by an academic who challenged the logic of anti-Semitism claims has opened old wounds

Ingonyama boss’s rent debt rises

Tenants in arrears are being evicted, but no action has been taken against the board’s chairperson

SANDF’s R1bn Cuban spend queried

The auditor general wants expenditure on the maintenance of aged military vehicles to be declared irregular spending

Defamation law’s face is changing

With big-money claims in rapidly heard defamation cases seemingly increasing, legal reporter Franny Rabkin takes a look at why this is happening and what it means

Hospital crime endangers workers

There may be no quick fix to making our hospitals safer, but there may be one simple place to start


Botswana allegations are ‘crazy’

Mining mogul Bridgette Radebe denies meddling in the neighbouring country’s politics

Cameroon’s civil war will continue

The hardline stance by both the government and the Anglophone successionists hinders solutions

Bid to clean Africa’s most toxic town

A class action is planned to get mines to clear the dangerously high levels of lead in a Zambian town


Debt Act not a relief for everyone

The financial sector has been accused of being hysterical about amendments to the law.
But there are some genuine concerns

Unions up the ante in talks

The platinum sector wage negotiations are seeing a mixed bag of demands and counter-offers

Upmarket homes take price hit

While sales in affluent suburbs are lacklustre,  sales at the lower end of the property market are starting to sparkle

IMF wilfully takes austerity road

East Asia 1998, Greece 2008, Argentina 2018. The fund knows the suffering its loans cause, yet it has gone ahead in Ecuador

Is SA ready for BoJo’s no-deal Brexit?

The trade between the two countries represents 18% of SA exports to its largest trading partner, the EU and 10% of EU imports from SA


Cyril must show who is boss – quickly

There is no time for indecisiveness – the president is up against thugs and needs to muscle up to win

Editorial: Our dishonesty harms journalism

We must confront our failings and be better

Editorial: Women’s Month misread

For the past three weeks, big business, government and your garden-variety Instagram influencer have turned themselves into women’s rights activists

Tough fight for justice

Women activists are at the forefront of claiming their socioeconomic rights through the courts

Something fishy? Follow your nose

What do an oil leak and election campaigns have in common? Both stink after a few days

Being a mensch first, Edwin-style

Above all,  Justice Cameron learned and taught that you can never judge anybody by their cover

We become fakes when we wear fakes

Status has become so important to us that our streets and malls are awash with counterfeit merchandise

Tall inside, but not short of opinions

Navigating the world as a little person is no big deal. But it can be exhausting when other people feel entitled to comment on your height

On the road to forgiveness

The old recommendation to forgive and forget, however practical it seems, has always sounded to me like a bucket-list item

Changes to the Copyright Act will help to decolonise education

The amendment Bill breaks market barriers and makes knowledge available beyond the wealthy

Include indigenous knowledge and cultures in the curriculum to improve health

A recent study revealed that indigenous people see the introduction of formal education as having brought ill-health

On the power of language

Educating our children in their mother tongues will help to address underdevelopment in Africa


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this

48-Hour Film Project: When your friends become your crew

With help from friends, colleagues, and family, an upcoming director makes his big-screen debut

Calling young writers

Teachers and parents are urged to encourage their youngsters (aged nine to 16) to spill those vivid imaginations on to paper

Let’s do it by the book

A large majority of citizens say they are not interested in reading, but the the SA Book Fair hopes to change that

The Portfolio: Makanaka Mavengere-Munsaka

“I knew from the time I was a kid that I wanted to write books, but then life happened and I ended up in finance.”


Pirates’ ship remains unbowed

The Buccaneers’ emphasis on setting up a coaching team has left them with a suitable contingency plan after Sredojevic’s departure

Riddle me this: PSL is up for grabs

It’s early days in the season but with the favourites stumbling there is every reason to pay attention to the weekend’s premier league fixtures

Juventus are aiming for more flair

Juventus have spent big, giving Sarri a stellar squad to target a 36th Scudetto and their first Champions League title since 1996

Athletes test their medal mettle

With Caster Semenya out of the running,  can other leading athletes deliver on the nation’s high expectations?

Norwich won’t back down

Daniel Farke will hold fast to his strategy and that alone will summon some enthralling football

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