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Platitudes and short-term plans

South Africa’s long-term plan for dealing with gender-based violence requires funding and detailed data to be effective

Killer’s life sentence gives family ‘a little peace’

The man who beat Danel Rooskrans to death is behind bars, but that doesn’t change the pain and rage her loved ones are left with

As SA rages, another woman is murdered

Aviwe Wellem was found by two boys on Saturday morning — raped and stabbed to death in her bed

Rape stats unreliable

South Africa has the highest rape numbers in the world

Behind the Johannesburg riots:  How did they happen?

It could be angry truckers, but security cluster officials are investigating the possibility of a politically orchestrated campaign to destabilise the country — and Ramaphosa’s presidency

Attacks point to ‘deeply entrenched’ xenophobic attitudes

It is more than a decade since the 2008 attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa, during which more than 60 people were killed

Incoming: Drones, drugs, hackers and the future of healthcare

From the Ganges River to Ghana, drones are delivering vaccines, HIV tests and blood for transfusions and cutting waiting times for life-saving healthcare. But is all that glitters gold when it comes to the next big thing in health

‘Boris the Baby Bot’: The little book about big data

Boris the BabyBot has been dreamt up by researcher and writer Murray Hunter, who focuses on surveillance and data privacy

Tongaat farmworkers face eviction

The first victims of the sugar giant’s accounting scandal — 5 000 of them — lose their jobs at the end of the month

Big deal over ‘strange’ coal mine meeting

When the wannabe buyer and the seller of a mine got together with the mineral resources department, criticism of advantage followed

SAA executive accused of spying

The airline, already plagued by insecurity and spying claims, has suspended an official after it used hidden cameras to track him

What does ‘fourth industrial revolution’ even mean?

Over the past three years, very excited politicians have used every opportunity to talk about 4IR as the next phase of South Africa’s development. But few of them — or us — seem to have a firm grasp of what it is.
The M&G Data Desk has spoken to experts, a telecoms company experimenting with educational tech, and even one of the creators of the term, to find out what 4IR really, actually, probably means

The law and the horror of the death of Michael Komape

The Supreme Court of Appeal this week heard argument on why the law, as it now stands, is inadequate to compensate the Komape family

Batohi: Jiba’s return would undermine NPA rebuild

The NDPP said in court papers that there has been “a fundamental breakdown in trust” between Jiba and the NPA.


How Big Data swung Senegal’s vote

From a house in Dakar, ex-Obama staffers ran a top-secret data analysis unit that transformed incumbent Macky Sall’s presidential campaign

The shame of being a South African

We were once welcomed in Africa. Now we are reviled for our violent rejection of its people

Lungu erodes Zambia’s democracy

A proposed amendment to its Constitution may turn Zambia into a de facto one-party state


Now is the time of monsters

And where economic reforms are concerned, a slayer in shining armour would be welcome

Tito tackles the water crisis

The finance minister has proposed establishing a body to regulate the sector. Some analysts have welcomed the idea, but others see it as premature

Violence exacts huge toll on lives and a R1bn loss in the freight sector

The Road Freight Association puts the cost of the ongoing attacks on trucks at about R1.2-billion with 1 200 vehicles and cargo destroyed

DTI yet to pay, despite court order

Even though the department awarded a grant to a company on its black industrialists scheme, the money has not been forthcoming

Africa needs a green new deal

There is funding for renewable energy if countries include climate action in their economic plans

GDP and the valium economy

The numbers were up, by 3.1% from the first to second quarters, largely because Eskom kept the lights on


The chain between words and violence

Boys should be taught how to speak to and about women, because language informs mindsets

EDITORIAL: Lead us out of this deathly silence

South Africans have been crying out for leadership, longing for an official condemnation of the scourges of gender-based violence and xenophobia

SA is burning: femicide, xenophobia and protest

South Africans and migrants alike struggle to lead dignified lives. People are desperate and fed up

Africans flock, rather than take flight

Most people’s response is to flee or fight when faced with a problem, particularly an ongoing one, but in Southern Africa they work together

What South Africa can learn from Brazil

As the fallout from Lava Jato shows, we must be wary of factionalism in the fight against graft

Let’s change SA’s mind on psychedelics

The major hurdle is not so much an absence of science, or safety, as it is unthinking religious, moral or cultural panic

We’re a violent, hating nation

Men violate women, we detest foreigners, we loot — and 5 000 workers will lose their jobs and homes because their bosses are thieves

As Bolsonaro incinerates the Amazon, urgent action is needed for climate justice

As South Africans, we must support the fight to save the Amazon, but also take a strong stand on environmental concerns that are closer to home

Violence erodes democracy and rights

We must create cultures and norms in all spheres of society that condemn gendered attacks

Law and order essential to democracy

We cannot as citizens remain silent while opportunistic looting, accompanied by violence, continues and our fellow Africans continue to be humiliated

Feminism 101: Pussies are not for grabbing

It’s been 30 years since I found my voice – now ‘nasty’ women around the world are fighting back

And the award goes to …

At the awards ceremony the billboard idea wins a grand prix prize, which is the most important prize to win


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this

Creating a broader art scene

Fairs such as Art Joburg and Latitudes are giving a diverse range of artists greater representation

A requiem for the world’s dead

Gregory Maqoma revives a Zakes Mda character, mixing Ravel’s Boléro with isicathamiya to mourn, to hope, and to celebrate life

Stories can bridge divisions

The discussion at the launch of a book of people’s experiences shows a way for South Africans to heal


Ntseki vows unity from his hot seat

The new Bafana coach’s preparations are off to a nightmarish start as Zambia, Madagascar pull out

Tap, tap, Khabib is on the attack

The UFC lightweight champion returns after a nine-month ban to face Dustin Poirier in a match that will crown the undisputed champion

Inter fans say monkey chants aren’t racist

L’Urlo della Nord, told the forward in an open letter published on its Facebook page that he was seeing racism where there was none

Banyana: No choice but to build again

Failing to progress to the next stage of Olympic qualifying has put a dent in the growth of women’s football in the country

Effervescent, bright young light at the end of our tunnel

Noxolo Cesane’s rise to Banyana Banyana has been incredible, and she is only going to keep improving

The absurdity of Premier nitpicking

It’s ridiculous to think that the Reds’ 100% start has still not left them as favourites

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