Mandela on the Oprah show: Charming and humble as ever

By Haji Mohamed Dawjee

In one of the most memorable Oprah Winfrey interviews, this icon reminds us why we love to love him.

In 2000, 10 years after his release from prison, Mandela was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show at Harpo Studios in Chicago. Mandela didn't even know the entire show was about him and just before he went on he endearingly asked the producer, "So what is the subject of today's show?", to which she replied, "You".

The interview is synonymous with Mandela's humility, quiet reserve and restraint. Oprah recalls her memorable moments from the interview with Madiba and remembers him as one of the most humble people she has ever met.

After the show, the entire Harpo staff lined the long passage to see him out of the building and shake his hand as Oprah walked him out. She says that has never happened before or since his visit and the photos they took with him that day now line the walls of what they call the Nelson Mandela Hallway.

Watch the video here:



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