FHM features editor faces disciplinary action over rape post

By Haji Mohamed Dawjee

FHM magazine found itself in the eye of a storm on Tuesday over a status update posted by its features editor Max Barashenkov, in which he joked about "corrective" rape.

In the update, Barashenkov suggested "correctional rape and sterilization for any white person who twerks".

Montle Moroosi, a fellow writer joined the banter by saying, “I think rape can be quite fun if executed in a romantic manner. Like saying ‘i love you’ before slipping a roofie in her earl grey tea”. After fellow Facebook friends claimed the comments condoned "corrective" rape, Barashenkov defended his statement by implying that because he had been a victim of "corrective" rape, he was at liberty to make jokes about it.

It didn't take long for someone to screen grab the comment thread and tweet a picture of the conversation, which led to a flood of reaction from Twitter users against both the writer and the magazine.

​Many Twitter users suggested the magazine should take action against its writers.








FHM has since responded on the social media platform and distanced themselves from the "private comments" made by the writers and is set to take disciplinary action.


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