SA's top YouTube videos for November

In fifth place is news channel ANN7 with yet another blunder made on live television. Just when we thought they were finally getting the hang of this live TV thing. This time, one of their presenters stops his interview to explain to the inexperienced crew how to properly operate a tele-prompter.

At number four with his latest prank is Roman Atwood. In this one, he tells his girlfriend that he cheated on her … on their fifth anniversary. Needless to say the prank doesn't go according to plan, but there is a pleasing twist at the end. Let's just say he may have learnt a lesson from this one.

Number three is Channing Tatum's take on Jean Claude Van Damme's epic split in the Volvo advert (which happens to be in the second spot this month). The spoof video, posted on Tatum's own YouTube account, is pretty damn funny.

Jean Claude Van Damme (does anyone remember him?) has made a comeback thanks to a Volvo truck ad. In it, Van Damme is seen doing the splits between two moving trucks. The ad has sparked lots of conversation about whether it is real or not and whether or not the video plays in reverse, but more importantly, people all around the world are spoofing it (see number three on this list).

In top spot this month with a total of 1 130 956? views is the terrifiying CCTV footage of a family in a Toyota Rav4 being hijacked. The hijacking takes place at the intersection of Commissioner and Crown streets in the Johanessburg city centre on November 16 in broad daylight. Four men have been arrested in connection with this hijacking.

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