What were South Africans watching this year?

10. Naming and shaming was the order of the day in the video that took 10th place in this year's most viewed YouTube videos. An anonymous good Samaritan caught a motorcyclist in Edenvale driving recklessly with a small child clinging for dear life on the back, wearing only a bicycle helmet. It is believed that the 51-year-old rider of the motorcycle is the child's father. An update on the Justice Project South Africa website says that charges of reckless or negligent driving, operating a motorcycle without possessing a valid licence to ride it and endangering a child in terms of the Children's Act are included, among others in the docket against the driver.

9. Frightening footage shot on a cell phone by an anonymous person inside Kenya's Westgate Mall as al-Shabab terrorists open fire on civilians is in at number nine. The person who shot this video was reportedly trapped in the mall for five hours before being rescued. At least 67 people were killed in the four-day siege, which eventually ended in the mall going up in flames and a section of it collapsing.

8. First he raced a cheetah to help save them from extinction, now Springbok wing Bryan Habana pushes himself to new extremes as he races a British Airways superjumbo Airbus A380. Even though his reasoning isn't quite as noble as it was in the 2007 cheetah race, it's still pretty cool to see the famous rugby player kick a superjumbo's arse.

7. Dove's thought-provoking real beauty sketches, part of the Dove campaign for real beauty marketing campaign, comes in at number seven. The ad, produced by Ogilvy & Mather, was inspired by market research that suggested only 4% of women describe themselves as beautiful. In the video, several women describe themselves to a forensic sketch artist who cannot see them. Strangers then describe the same women to the sketch artist. The stark differences between the two sketches of each woman reveals how women view themselves, with the stranger's image consistently turning out more accurate and flattering.

6. CCTV footage of a young woman’s cell phone being stolen by a small child is in the sixth spot. The video shows four women entering a restaurant in Norwood, Johannesburg with the child and later instructing her to take the phone from an unsuspecting patron's handbag. In true South African form, instead of being shocked and outraged that people are teaching and encouraging a young child to steal, the comments section under the video is full of racists making racist slurs against black people. Because obviously the fact that the child is black is the reason she is stealing. Obviously.

5. How Animals Eat Their Food by MisterEpicMann takes third place on YouTube's top trending video for 2013 chart and lands at number five on our list. The video of humans pretending to be animals eating their food is the most watched video on the YouTube UK list for 2013. To be honest and at the risk of being lynched, I'm not entirely sure why this video has done so well, but it has and they even released a Part 2. Bizarre.

4. National Geographic's footage of a jaguar taking down a caiman in Brazil's Pantanal wetlands takes fourth place. Luke Dollar, a conservationist who helps manage the National Geographic's Big Cats initiative takes us through the hunt. The jaguar manages to take the caiman down with just one fatal bite to the central nervous system, leaving the animal paralysed and unable to flee.

3. Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town had South Africans roaring with laughter with the introduction of rapper extraordinaire and part time admin assistant Klein Kimmie in the Halls Breathe Deep. Make Your Move ad campaign. Li'l Kim meets Yolandi Vi$$er in the dynamite package that is Klein Kimmie Kool. Since the ad's release in June many South Africans have been begging for a sequel, but so far to no avail.

2. SA's number two spot goes to Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis for their video "What Does the Fox Say?". The video, originally meant to be an "anti-hit" and created for the Norwegian television talk show I kveld med Ylvis (Tonight with Ylvis) went viral instantly and has been named as YouTube's top trending video for 2013, beating other internet sensations such as The Harlem Shake and the Volvo Trucks advert with Jean-Claude Van Damme's epic split. The Fox, an electronic dance song, peaked at number six for three consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is the highest ranked song by a Norwegian artist since A-Ha's hit Take on Me in 1985.

1. And finally, the video most viewed by South Africans this year is the shocking footage taken by a smart camera fitted to a car of a truck running a red robot and hitting four fully-laden minibus taxis and a Volkswagen Golf, killing 22 people. The driver, Sanele Goodness May (23) from Swaziland, has been charged with 22 counts of murder and one of reckless or negligent driving.

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