SA's most watched videos for January 2014

5. Trevor Noah: It's My Culture - Springbok Bafana

Funny man Trevor Noah takes the fifth spot this month with a clip from his show "It's My Culture". The show, which he toured with last year, was a huge success and he has agreed to bring it back to Johannesburg in February and March this year. In this clip, Noah takes a dig at Bafana Bafana and their repeated dismal performances.

4. Rude man - Don't be this guy

At number four this month is a 14-second clip of an old man shooing a young girl out of his way in a shop. The clip is taken from what appears to be CCTV footage of the store in Cape Town. There isn't any audio to go with it, but it looks like he doesn't say anything, just shoos her with his hands. Manners don't cost a thing and a simple "excuse me" and "thank you" would have made a world of difference.

3. Arnold Works at Gold's

Fitness bunnies at Gold's Gym in California were in for a big surprise when they went for their daily dose of exercise. Some patrons got a little "help" from a bizarre trainer calling himself Howard Klein. The moustachioed personal trainer, complete with ponytail and Gold's Gym uniform, hovered around a woman at the water fountain, telling her of the importance of drinking water while training. He also bothered some men while they were weight lifting and just generally wondered around the gym interacting with people. The catch? Klein was actually former California governor and Terminator star, Arnold Schwarzenegger in disguise. The stunt was all part of a promotion for Schwarzenegger’s After-School All-Stars program in which donors to the programme get a chance to hang out with the Arnold, or in this case, Howard.

2. Lion Almost Attack Children Leaning out of Vehicle in Kruger National Park

The second place spot goes, undeservedly, to a video of two lions in a road at the Kruger National Park. I say undeservedly because the video is erroneously titled "Lion Almost Attack(warn) Children Leaning out of Vehicle in Kruger National Park" which is, I’m sure, what got people clicking. The thing is, the lions really don't "almost attack" the children at all. The kids are hanging out the window, yes. And they definitely shouldn't have been hanging out so far out of the car, eyes glued to their cell phones as they undoubtedly recorded the precious clip to upload to various social networks later. But "almost attack"? If anything, the lions seemed mildly annoyed at their afternoon nap on the tar road being disturbed, got up, gave a half hearted growl in the general direction of the kids and wandered off. If they really wanted to scare the kids, I'm sure they could have done a better job. But you be the judge.

1. Jacob Zuma 939-million 3000 and 60000

Poor JZ just can't catch a break. Last year certainly didn't end on a high note for our encumbered president. What with public protector Thuli Madonsela's Nkandla report leaked to the M&G, and then all that booing business at Madiba's memorial service at Soccer City, I'm sure Zuma's festive season was far from merry. Then just a few days into 2014, Zuma was in Mpumalanga to hand over the title deed of a 13 184 1601-hectare piece of land back to the N'wandlamhlarhi Community Property Association. All was going according to plan, until JZ got to the property's worth, a whopping R939 630 000. Unfortunately Zuma pronounced the number as "nine-hundred and thirty-nine million three thousand and sixty thousand" on national television. Needless to say, Twitter exploded with jokes and criticisms of South Africa's first citizen and this video of the blunder shot to the top of January's list.

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