Helen Zille adds traffic cop to her list of talents

Clad in jeans, sandals, a long white top and a sun hat, the DA's top dog was caught on video assisting with a traffic jam situation. Of course the video was shared on Instagram.
The premier can be seen in the middle of the road directing cars to stop and go. The video went viral minutes after it was posted on social media. "Officer Zille" says she was not aware that someone was capturing the incident on video, all she was doing was "sorting out chaos". Her tweets make her sound like she is legitimately upset about the "leaked" footage, but we're not sure if this is sincere, or just another humble brag. What we are certain of, is that the Western Cape's premier certainly does not suffer from shortages when it comes to skills. Let's take a look at a few of her other talents:

1. Zille rhymes with Prof Twitter … almost.

Zille once tweeted that while many people are still learning social media 101, she in fact has a PhD.The proof is definitely in the pudding. We've lost count of the amount of times she's had a Pretty Huge Dilemma (PhD) on her hands due to having tweet diarrhoea. Sometimes she needs to put a plug in it though – no one likes a show-off.

2. Zille the “Madam” – or is it Madonna?

It’s no secret that Zille usually sings her heart out during the party’s rallies, congress, the elections and even when the DA wins court battles.

Her chart-topping hits range from President Jacob Zuma’s popular "Mshini wam" to Brenda Fasie's "Vul'indlela". "Madam", we think it’s about time that you release an album. Heaven knows, some of the white inhabitants in Cape Town definitely need to add to their knowledge of South African music. Mandoza's "Nkalakatha" has had its day!

3. Zille, party leader by day ... pot stirrer on other days (depending on whether she needs to convince voters or not).

It’s true; any politician would do anything to get votes and so Helen Zille did. In the run-up to the May 7 elections last year, she posted pictures of herself stirring a traditional pot while dressed in DA regalia with a headscarf (doek) to match.

So there you have it. If this politics thing doesn't work out, she can always take the presidential seat in the Jack of All Trades department where she can try her hand at many things, but never quite master just one.

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