#FeesMustFall: The images that defined a movement

#FeesMustFall. Some have called it the biggest uprising in South Africa since the fall of apartheid. For over a week, students at universities across the country have protested against proposed fee hikes, and say they will continue shutting down universities until the fee hikes are scrapped. But the story of these protests, by their sheer scale and powerful symbolism, has been poignantly told by photographers, amateur and professional. These are the #FeesMustFall images that made us take notice. Students have made powerful statements with their posters, using powerful imagery, and trenchant statements. "Blade, what's good?" - Karl Marx. This picture demonstrated what many students saw as a disconnect between Blade Nzimande's self-professed communism, and his statements that higher education could not be free.
Police repeatedly shot tear gas canisters at peacefully-protesting students outside Parliament on Wednesday. This student's shoe was blown off by one of the blasts. Police arrested 23 students and charged six. Now known as the #Bellville6, these students were kept in holding cells at the Bellville police station in Cape Town. While some of their lawyers say they have been charged with treason, the police have denied that this crime is on their charge sheet. The events of this week have been compared to the student uprising of 1976, when school children protesting about being taught in Afrikaans were gunned down by the police.
This image captured the pain and fear expressed by students who were arrested by the police in Cape Town.

Today I watched a girl get arrested for walking. She kept asking 'What did I do? What did I do? '. I was shoved to the...

Posted by Tsoku Il on Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Where it all began: at Wits University, when students occupied Senate House, demanding that the 10% fee hikes be cancelled. Pictured here is Wits Vice Chancellor, Adam Habib, seated on the floor of Senate House with students.

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