Explore SA's killing fields: An interactive map of all 2016 political assassinations

ANC candidate Khanyisile Ngobese-Sibisi was shot on July 18, allegedly in a political murder. (Rajesh Jantilal)

Why are people dying to be elected in South Africa?

South Africa is not more violent than it was pre-democracy; however, the road to the 2016 local government elections has been long and bloody.

A multi-disciplinary police task team was established by Police Minister Nathi Nhleko to investigate and try to prevent political killings. The team is made up of members of various SA Police Service (SAPS) units, including crime intelligence, detectives, the directorate for priority crime investigation (Hawks) and other specialised units such as forensics.

“We have noted with serious concern the incidents of killings, particularly where political figures are victims or where the killings are being linked to the upcoming local government. A situation like this cannot be allowed to continue, especially in the context of democracy,” he said in a statement.

Explore this interactive map below of recent political killings.