#FeesMustFall in numbers: This is what the protests have cost South Africa's universities

It's the second year of #FeesMustFall, but what does it look like in numbers?

The students' protest for higher education to be free has been ongoing for just over a year. The toll on the students — those particiapting and those who aren’t — has been immense. 

Buildings have been set alight and books burned to ashes. Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande has complained that it would be difficult to find the money for free education and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme is being stretched. 

But what has each university had to contend with in the past year? The Mail and Guardian shows you the numbers around #FeesMustFall.

*Data provided by the department of higher education based on unaudited numbers of 2015 and the national students financial aid scheme.