Call for Participation Photonics Prototyping Facility

The Photonics Prototyping Facility (PPF) is a programme funded by the Department of Science and Technology and the CSIR to stimulate the growth and competitiveness of the South African photonics industry. The facility is established within the CSIR National Laser Centre. The principal function of the PPF is to facilitate the development of prototypes, which result in products that satisfy a market need associated to photonics-based technologies and devices. The PPF will support prototype development and characterization by offering:

  • Premier facilities (three class 1 000 clean rooms)
  • Access to skilled resources (optical engineers, industrial engineers, photonic scientists and so forth)
  • Characterization equipment (diagnostic equipment, optical components, laser sources and so forth)
  • Technical support (mechanical, electronic and industrial design).

There are six key economic sectors that have been identified within photonics in South Africa that would benefit from prototype development. These are: Defense, security and sensors, Industrial manufacturing, Energy, Lighting and displays, Information and communications and Life Sciences.

The PPF would like to invite industry, entrepreneurs and public research institutions to participate in innovative prototype development projects of photonics-based technologies. Proposals for partnership between industry and academia, as well as from high technology start-ups are encouraged. Application proposals need to address the following minimum criteria:

  • Demonstrated understanding, through a qualitative and quantitative analysis, of the market being addressed, industry dynamics and description of the competitive environment (30%)
  • Technology description, including inventiveness, technology attributes, key features and competitive advantage (40%)
  • Financials and project plan (budget and resource requirements, projected financial forecasts and realization schedule) (30%).

Call response information

Application due date: 12 SEPTEMBER 2016

A fully completed and signed proposal must be submitted to the PPF office ([email protected]) no later than 12 September 2016. Please limit proposal length to not more than 10 pages. All submissions will be treated as strictly confidential.

Please direct all queries to: Dr’s Angela Dudley and Darryl Naidoo

PPF Project Managers

Tel: 012 841 3447 and 012 841 3794

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