International Labour Organization

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has an existing partnership with the Informal Business and Chamber Support Unit of the National Department of Small Business Development to provide coordination support towards the development of an implementable Chamber Programme for the informal business sector. To this effect, the ILO invites submission of proposals towards the development of an implementable Chamber Programme.

The terms of reference to guide development of the proposals requested can be accessed on the ILO website under the Request for Proposals section at (request for proposals). The terms of reference will become part of the contract to be concluded with the successful bidder.

Proposals should be submitted as confidential to the Director a.i. of the ILO Pretoria Office at Crestway Block C, 20 Hotel Street, Persequor Park, 0020 Pretoria (physical address). Submission of proposals by email ([email protected]) is admissible.

However, if proposals are submitted by email the original signed document and any other related documentation (including CVs or company profiles) should also be sealed and hand delivered to the ILO Pretoria Office Director.

Proposals must be submitted on or before 22 July 2016 to the ILO Director (a.i) Dr. Joni Musabayana.

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