Prequalification Notice: Invitation for the design, production, delivery and installation of 50 prefabricated A-grade shipping containers into Internet connected youth hubs /Internet Cafes branded as Choma Dreams Cafes.

HIVSA hereby invites applications for prequalification from suitably experienced organisations with the necessary resources, capacity, competencies and experience to design and produce a comprehensive solution which entails solar power, wireless Internet connectivity including poor LTE reception contingency plans, security, container insulation, painting and branding. Each container must be fitted with six chrome books including a server computer, counter tops, furniture, a charging station, shelving and an alarm system. Service offering must include delivery, transport and installation of Choma Dreams Cafes at the communities.

Interested parties may click on this link: // view the technical specifications of the tender. Only those bidders, whose prequalification has been accepted by HIVSA, will be invited to participate further in the tender process.

Tender bidders are invited to attend a briefing meeting which will take place at HIVSA’s offices in Omnipark, Block 3, Second Floor, 66 Sailor Malan Drive, Aeroton on 11 November 2016 starting at 10:00. Please confirm your attendance in advance at [email protected].

Successful applications will be required to enter into a service level agreement with HIVSA. HIVSA reserves the right to award the contract to the organisation that proves to be capable of meeting the required technical specifications, is fully compliant, and is able to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution in a timeous manner. HIVSA reserves the right to award or not to award this tender to any organisations HIVSA deems fit or not fit. Failure to comply with the conditions set out in the tender will invalidate the bid.

Interested parties to submit proposal in sealed envelope to the HIVSA Offices Reception on or before the closing date: 18 November 2016 at 12:00 //

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